Guy Fieri made nachos in a trash can, and they look surprisingly good

Sometimes I wonder about Guy Fieri.

He’s made a name for himself driving around the country, eating the biggest gut-bombs and calorie kings from roadside eateries and dives. He has a chain of restaurants with menu items like the “Jackass Roll,” ostensibly sushi but featuring barbecue pork, french fries and mayo. Some have even claimed that “Guy Fieri has made culinary TV into a viewer’s hell.”

Whether or not the latter is true, surely Guy is aware of the criticism that’s been lobbed his way (basically the food he idolizes and serves is, um, disgusting). Which really makes me wonder why oh why he decided to make a trash can full of nachos at a recent event. I mean, nachos (while delicious) are one of the junkiest snack foods around. And then to make them in a trash can? It’s an act practically begging for mockery…

Which Twitter was obviously 100 percent on board for.

Did the nachos taste good? Probably. Does trash can punch at a frat party, thanks to supersweet juices masking the flavor of high-proof grain alcohol, taste good? Better than you’d think. But that just goes to show that just because you can eat something out of a trash can doesn’t mean you should.

Are you listening, Guy?

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