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7 Best hangover foods you can find in your kitchen right now (VIDEO)

That little voice told you to not open that second bottle of wine last night, but did you listen? Now it’s Saturday morning, and you just Googled “best hangover food,” in search of something — anything — that will make your world stop spinning. Been there, done that.


So how desperate are you? Can you stomach a glass of pickle juice chock-full of rehydrating electrolytes? How about a fried egg to help break down some of those toxins floating around your system?

Personally, I might have to stick to my favorite, unnaturally hued, berry-blue sports drink in lieu of pickle juice, and even the mention of eggs when I’m hungover is enough to send me running to the bathroom. But if you can get them down, they might do some good. It’s worth a try, right?

Now, there are no promises here. If you’re that hungover, no matter how magical the food, it might very well make you feel worse. In that case, just go back to bed, and eat tomorrow. I highly recommend cheap ramen noodles with butter and plenty of fake Parmesan cheese. And a bloody mary, of course.

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