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Bacon crackers are the best snack you’ve never made


SheKnows Editorial

There are certain snacking laws we all know are true. Cheese and crackers: great. Bacon and cheese: also great. Bacon and crackers? Why have we never thought of this before?

Blogger Debbie Doos was generous enough to share the easy but ingenious recipe over on her blog. It’s really simple, but you can tell just by reading the ingredients that it’s going to taste ahhhmaaaazing.

bacon crackers

Image: Debbie Doos

Buttery crackers, brown sugar, bacon and cayenne are all it takes to make these little flavor bombs. Imagine the sweet and sticky brown sugar melted over crispy, salty bacon and a buttery cracker, warm from the oven — it sounds like heaven.

And the party possibilities here are endless. Serve them as is at your next soiree, or have them accompany a cheese platter for a truly next-level tasting experience. Bacon crackers with Brie? Heck, yeah. Bacon crackers with sweet, nutty Asiago? Yeah, baby. Bacon crackers with basically any cheese on Earth? Duh. It will all taste freakin’ fantastic. And don’t even get me started on the dip possibilities…

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to start chowing down on your new favorite snack, the bacon cracker.

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