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11 protein-packed breakfasts that will keep you fueled all day

Turns out your mother was right — breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Fueling up your tank in the morning with a healthy and hefty dose of protein can impact how you think, work and feel all day long.

Fortunately creating a protein-packed breakfast doesn’t mean slaving over the stove all morning. These recipes guarantee you a healthy, filling start to your day in a hurry.

1. BLTs with fried eggs and guacamole

Egg and guacamole BLT
Image: SheKnows

BLTs are always a good protein boost, but when you add guac, the protein count goes over the top.

2. Chocolate-peanut butter protein balls

Protein balls
Image: SheKnows

Make these protein-packed balls ahead of time for a quick breakfast on the go.

3. Cinnamon breakfast quinoa with berries and nuts

Breakfast quinoa
Image: SheKnows

Just 15 minutes, and you’ll have this delicious warm breakfast in a bowl in front of you.

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