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14 Delicious Breakfast Recipes That Include English Muffins

8. Turkey-mashed potato breakfast sandwich

Did you have turkey for dinner last night? Don’t wait until lunch to break out those leftovers. Serve them up for breakfast instead.

9. Crab melts

crab melts
Image: Spicy Southern Kitchen

This cheesy, gooey beauty has one surprise ingredient: crab. You can never go wrong with a crab melt.

10. Gooey buns

Image: Creative Culinary

You might think you have to hit up a fancy bakery to find a treat like this, but you can make it yourself with an English muffin.

11. Breakfast Reuben sandwich

Image: Country Clever

This deli special isn’t just for lunch or dinner. One blogger created a breakfast version that sits perfectly atop a pumpernickel English muffin. Excuse us while we wipe away our drool.

12. Double-dipped vegan French toast

Image: Never Homemaker

This vegan-friendly breakfast option is nothing short of mouthwatering.

13. Mini Hawaiian pizzas

Mini Hawaiian pizzas
Image: Ease and Carrots

You can’t have just one English muffin pizza option. Plus, who doesn’t love Hawaiian pizza?

14. Freezer egg sandwiches

Egg sandwiches are a simple and filling breakfast, and they’re even more appealing when you don’t have to make them daily. Make a big batch of these freezer sandwiches and eat them for days.

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A version of this article was originally published in March 2015.

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