Giant Ferrero Rocher is the chocolate-hazelnut dessert of your dreams

Feb 27, 2015 at 1:10 p.m. ET

Anyone who has had a Ferrero Rocher chocolate knows what it's all about — the chocolaty, crunchy shell and its rich, hazelnut filling. But you can never have just one. (I usually find myself grabbing a second — or a third.)

Giant Ferrero dessert

Image: Sugar Hero

Sure, giant Ferrero Rocher chocolates exist, but thanks to Elizabeth LaBau, the mastermind behind Sugar Hero, we can all enjoy this delightful chocolate now five times bigger. Instead of filling the chocolate shell with an entire jar of Nutella, she came up with something even better — a chocolate cake with hazelnut mousse. It's big enough for sharing, but let's be real: Who would want to share a dessert as delicious as this?

You can find the genius recipe at Sugar Hero.

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