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15 Rice bowl recipes you’ll definitely want to dive into

Rice bowls bring together everything you love into one bowl — layers of goodness all in one.

Start with a bowl of rice (or whatever your favorite grain is), and start piling on the amazing ingredients. We’re sharing some of the best recipes we could find to inspire to you get “bowling.”

1. 7-Spice teriyaki chicken rice bowl recipe

teriyaki rice bowl

Image: Foodie Crush

Seven-spice teriyaki chicken rice bowls are bound to make your mouth sing with joy. So many spices, but so well balanced.

2. California chicken, veggie and avocado rice bowl recipe

california rice bowl

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Imagine digging into this gorgeous California chicken, veggie and avocado rice bowl. The creaminess of the avocado, the sweet roasted vegetables — oh my.

3. Southwestern brown rice bowl recipe

southwestern rice bowl

Image: What’s Gaby Cooking

A Southwestern brown rice bowl is the perfect way to indulge without going too crazy. The use of brown rice is essential in this healthy meal.

4. Spicy beef and red pepper rice bowl recipe

spicy beef rice bowl

Image: Running to the Kitchen

This spicy beef and red pepper rice bowl comes with an accompanying fried egg, and the runny yolk acts as a sauce for the bowl.

5. Taco Bell-inspired Cantina Bowl recipe

cantina bowl

Get inspired by the Cantina Bowls from Taco Bell, and make this spicy homemade rice bowl at home.

6. Salmon sashimi rice bowl recipe

salmon rice bowl

Image: Set the Table

Find yourself the best and freshest salmon you can get your hands on, and make this salmon sashimi rice bowl tonight.

7. Lemon chicken and spring veggie rice bowl recipe

chicken rice bowl

Bright, seasonal lemons make these lemon chicken and spring veggie rice bowls just the thing for a cold winter night.

8. Korean beef bowl recipe

korean beef rice bowls

Image: Damn Delicious

Korean beef bowl — this quick version of the classic is made with ground beef and is still just as delicious as the original.

9. Roasted harvest veggie, curried avocado and coconut rice bowl recipe

harvest rice bowl

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Oh my, we are drooling just staring at these roasted harvest veggie, curried avocado and coconut rice bowls.

10. Cilantro-lime rice bowl with avocado and beans recipe

cilantro rice bowl

Image: Food Fanatic

Nothing tastes better than when you combine cilantro and lime, like in these cilantro-lime rice bowls with avocado and beans.

11. Sweet fire shrimp bowl recipe

shrimp rice bowl

Image: I Wash… You Dry

This sweet fire shrimp bowl is actually a quick meal, since shrimp cooks so easily.

12. Easy burrito rice bowl recipe

burrito rice bowl

Image: Damn Delicious

Layer on the fresh vegetables, and you’ll feel healthy eating this easy burrito rice bowl.

13. Spicy honey chicken vegetable rice bowl recipe

spicy rice bowl

Image: Picky Palate

Prep these spicy honey chicken vegetable rice bowls for the entire week, and you’ll be eating healthier all week long.

14. Tex-Mex rice bowl recipe

tex mex rice bowl

Image: Foodie with Family

Tex-Mex rice bowls are perfect if you’re watching your budget.

15. 20-Minute Thai basil beef and lemongrass rice bowl recipe

thai beef rice bowl

Image: Half Baked Harvest

These 20-minute Thai basil beef and lemongrass rice bowls are not only quick but oh so flavorful.

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