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15 Trendy beer cocktails you must try ASAP

Dive into the world of beer cocktails, and discover how they are making strides in bar programs around the U.S.

Who would have ever thought beer would be a stellar ingredient in fancy and trendy cocktails? Discover some new ways to incorporate brews into your favorite drink recipes.

1. Bloody Hell recipe

bloody hell

Image: The Beeroness

Bloody Hell, an awesome drink made with spicy jalapeños and seasonal blood oranges. We could totally see ourselves sipping on these tonight. Try it with these cucumber noodles for the same sweet and spicy contrast.

2. Light beer and berry cocktail recipe

strawberry beer

Image: The Realistic Nutritionist

A super-simple cocktail recipe, this light beer and berry cocktail is a great use of fresh berries. Serve it with chili cheese dog bites for the perfect tailgate.

3. Michelada recipe


Image: Muy Bueno Cooking

Michelada, probably the most classic beer cocktail, is originally from Mexico. Try it with sweet potato tacos for an added twist on taco night.

4. The Bull recipe

the bull

Image: Tori Avey

The Bull, a gorgeous drink we want to make just for its amazing color. Pair it with spicy nachos for the perfect snack.

5. Guinness “Champagne” cocktail recipe

black velvet

Image: Always Order Dessert

Guinness “Champagne” cocktail, because honestly, who would have thought dark Guinness beer and light prosecco would pair so perfectly? The Guinness beer would be the perfect complement to any chocolate dessert.

6. The Kichesippi Beergarita recipe


Image: The Gouda Life

The Kichesippi Beergarita is the love child of a cold beer and a salty margarita. For the perfect Mexican food pairing, try it with baked black bean taquitos. To that we say, salud.

7. Golden ale beer cocktail recipe

ale cocktail

Image: The Beeroness

Grab yourself a gorgeous pale golden ale, and make this golden ale beer cocktail after a long day at work. For game day, pair it with these Sriracha-drenched chicken wings.

8. The Black Sea recipe

cocktail craft

Image: Cookistry

The Black Sea looks like the stormy ocean thanks to how gorgeously thick and rich stout beer is. Pair it with a cookie dough-frosted chocolate cake for added richness.

9. Denver Broncos Orange Shandy recipe

orange shandy

Image: Creative Culinary

Denver Broncos Orange Shandy, whether or not you’re a Broncos fan, is the perfect drink to start thinking about those summer days on the beach. Try this beer bread infused with hard apple cider to add to the overall fruity flavor.

10. Strawberry beer lemonade recipe

beer lemonade

Image: The Beeroness

We’re thinking this strawberry beer lemonade would be a perfect big-batch cocktail to make for brunch. Pair it with these mini frittatas for the perfect meal.

11. Innis & Gunn Summer Shandy recipe

summer shandy

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

Innis & Gunn Summer Shandy — another drink that reminds us summer is a couple of weeks away. Since this cocktail goes perfectly with grilled meals, try it with grilled maple-chipotle chicken kebabs.

12. Lady in Red recipe

lady in red

Image: Creative Culinary

Lady in Red, basically the type of lady we wanna be — classy yet sexy without overdoing it. Beer and whiskey? Yes, please. Pair this subtly sweet cocktail with a spicy Monte Cristo sandwich for an added kick.

13. Beer sangria recipe

beer sangria

Image: The Beeroness

This beer sangria would look awesome in a crystal punch bowl. Punch bowls are becoming ever so popular after living in the dark in the vintage era. Pair it with peanutty Thai chicken with white rice to complement the fruity flavors of this cocktail.

14. Root beer float martini dessert cocktail recipe

root beer cocktail

Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

Although root beer is nonalcoholic, we are loving this boozy recipe for a root beer float martini dessert cocktail — a fun ladies’ night drink. Pour the drink in these toasted marshmallow shot glasses for more fun!

15. Ginger beer cocktail recipe

yertle turtle

Image: My Man’s Belly

We love the simplicity of this ginger beer cocktail, and we’re thinking a slice of crystallized ginger would be the perfect garnish for this cocktail. This light cocktail is perfect with a light meal, like griddle-cooked salmon with soy-ginger sauce.

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Additional reporting by Alexi Velasquez

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