KFC’s edible coffee cups are a genius new dessert (VIDEO)

Are you that person who always forgets their reusable coffee mug and then feels like a jerk for having to throw away yet another disposable cup? KFC just solved that problem for you.


KFC UK is testing edible coffee cups to celebrate the launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee in their restaurants. The “scoff-ee cups,” which are not yet available in stores, are 100 percent edible, made of biscuits and sugar paper and coated with white chocolate. Bonus for those who like their coffee scented like the great outdoors: They’re said to smell of aromas like freshly cut grass and wildflowers.

So, have your three-piece meal, drink your coffee, eat the cup for dessert. Not even a crumb to throw away. What a time to be alive.

Now if they’d just make edible gravy containers…

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