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29 Burritos that will make you forget about Chipotle

Burritos are one of our favorite foods simply because they are a one-dish meal that’s packed with a variety of delicious ingredients. And although we’re huge fans of getting them for lunch, we decided to get creative in the kitchen and make them ourselves.

Try your hand at making burritos at home, and create amazing flavors. Layer burrito shells, fillings and — oh yeah — extra guacamole you don’t have to pay $3 for.

1. Neato Frito overstuffed burrito recipe

frito burrito

Image: Foodie with Family

Adding crunchy Fritos into your burritos gives that crunch you crave. Make these neato Frito overstuffed burritos tonight.

2. Black bean and avocado breakfast burrito recipe

black bean burrito

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Start your morning with these black bean and avocado breakfast burritos for a hearty and filling breakfast.

3. Chipotle shrimp burritos with avocado crema recipe

shrimp burritos

Image: Foodie Crush

Chipotle shrimp burritos with avocado crema are all you need in life. The shrimp are super flavorful, and paired with the crema, it’s a great balance.

4. Crispy black bean-quinoa burrito recipe

crispy burritos

Image: Two Peas & Their Pod

Taste these crispy black bean-quinoa burritos, and you won’t even miss the meat. Packed with protein, these would be a great lunch idea.

5. Apple-sausage breakfast burrito recipe

sausage burritos

Image: Oh, Sweet Basil

The balance of flavors in these apple-sausage breakfast burritos is fantastic — the apples add a delicious sweetness.

6. Meat lover quesarito recipe


Layer cheese between the tortilla shells to make this amazing meat lover quesarito.

7. Machaca burrito recipe

machaca burritos

Image: Never Enough Thyme

Classic Latin-style pulled meat makes these machaca burritos a recipe worth taking the time to make.

8. Breakfast burrito with sage sausage recipe

sage burrito

Oh, we definitely want to start our days with this delicious breakfast burrito with sage sausage.

9. Weeknight turkey burrito recipe

turkey burritos

Image: Girl Carnivore

If you have leftover turkey, then this weeknight turkey burrito is the perfect weeknight meal — quick and easy yet super flavorful.

10. Thai green curry chicken burrito recipe

curry burrito

Thai green curry chicken burrito — a fusion of Mexican and Thai cuisines, this burrito is too hot to handle.

11. Tomatillo pork burrito recipe

tomatillo burrito

Image: The Adventure Bite

If you can find tomatillos at the market, then these tomatillo pork burritos are always a great idea.

12. Sweet potato and black bean burrito recipe

sweet potato burritos

Image: Foodie Crush

Have a vegetarian friend coming to dinner? Make this recipe for sweet potato and black bean burritos.

13. Cheesy chicken enchilada-style burrito recipe

cheesy burrito

Image: Kevin & Amanda

These cheesy chicken enchilada-style burritos substitute the regular refried beans with roasted garlic hummus. What a unique and ingenious idea.

14. Vegetable and rice burritos with quesadilla cheese recipe

vegetable burrito

Image: Eats Well with Others

If you have leftover rice, then these vegetable and rice burritos with quesadilla cheese are an ideal recipe to use up that rice.

15. Baked Manwich burrito recipe

manwich burritos

Image: Big Bear’s Kitchen

Baked Manwich burritos — three delicious words you’ll want in your mouth.

16. Veggie fajita burrito recipe

veggie burritos

Image: I Wash… You Dry

Craving a filling yet delicious meal? These veggie fajita burritos hit the spot.

17. Manwich beef and potato burrito recipe

Manwich beef and potato burrito

Image: Food Family Finds

Keep dinner interesting with these Manwich beef and potato burritos. They’re reminiscent of the classic chili but compacted and easier to eat.

18. Black bean and butternut squash burrito recipe

black bean and butternut squash burrito

Image: Oh She Glows

This black bean and butternut squash burrito is perfect for the vegan or vegetarian in your life.

19. Healthy freezer breakfast burritos with sweet potato hash and black beans recipe

healthy freezer breakfast burrito with sweet potato hash and black beans

Image: Cookie and Kate

Change up your breakfast, and try these sweet potato hash and black bean breakfast burritos. They’re healthy and can also be frozen so you can take them on the go whenever you’re in a rush.

20. Kale and black bean burrito recipe

kale and black bean burritos

Image: Cookie and Kate

This kale and black bean burrito is simple to make and full of healthy, bright greens to give you that extra fuel you need for the day.

21. Sweet potato burrito with avocado salsa verde recipe

sweet potato burrito with avocado salsa verde

Image: Cookie and Kate

Try this sweet potato burrito topped with avocado salsa verde — almost like an enchilada, but not quite. The avocado salsa verde might make you rethink paying extra for guac again.

22. Crock-Pot smothered beef burrito recipe

Crock pot smothered beef burritos

Image: I Wash… You Dry

The inside is just as good as the outside with this Crock-Pot smothered beef burrito.

23. Kimchee fried rice and creamy black bean burrito recipe

kimchi fried rice and creamy black bean burrito

Image: cHow Divine

Get creative with your leftovers, and try the kimchee fried rice and creamy black bean burrito.

24. Spicy bean burrito recipe

spicy bean burrito

Image: Smells Like Home

This spicy bean burrito is inexpensive to make and packed with different spicy flavors.

25. Baked chicken burritos with sour cream poblano sauce recipe

baked chicken burrito

Image: Smells Like Home

After a hectic day, this baked chicken burrito with sour cream poblano sauce is quick and easy to make. If there are leftovers, they are still just as delicious when reheated later on.

26. Beef burrito casserole recipe

beef burrito casserole

Image: Recipe Girl

The beef burrito casserole is a cross between the enchilada and burrito, but it is a perfect meal for the family.

27. Smothered chile Colorado burrito recipe

smothered chile colorado burrito

Image: Creme de la Crumb

While this burrito can be made quickly, the best part of the smothered chile Colorado burrito is the sauce.

28. Carnitas burrito recipe

carnitas burrito

Image: Tide & Thyme

Since some Chipotle restaurants ran out of carnitas, here’s a recipe that is the perfect fix.

29. Smothered burrito recipe

smothered burrito

Image: Blog Chef

This smothered burrito recipe has only a few ingredients, but it’s just as good.

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With additional reporting by Alexi Velasquez.

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