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20 Funny cooking mistakes to make you feel better about your mishaps (GIFs)

No wonder we need so many kitchen gadgets with ultra-specific purposes if that many of us are as klutzy as these TV infomercial cooks.

1. Who doesn’t test their pasta by sticking their fingers into a boiling pot?

burning fingers on hot pasta

Image: Giphy

2. We all learn the hard way to not cook with the window open.

woman scraping fish off pan, launching it out the window

Image: Giphy

3. Being able to cook doesn’t help if you don’t get to eat it.

man drops food off tray as he sits

Image: Giphy

4. We know… volume is a hard thing to judge.

Putting a lid on a too-small container and it all comes spilling out

Image: Giphy

5. Whose idea was it to let foods be cylindrical, anyway?

hot dogs rolling off a grill

Image: Giphy

6. Flipping eggs is a lot harder than they make it look on TV.

trying to get whole yolk out of frying pan

Image: Giphy

7. Knives should come with directions.

woman clumsily chopping onion

Image: Giphy

8. This is why people have to choose between having kids and drinking milk.

kids having trouble pouring milk

Image: asseenontvchat/YouTube

9. It’s so hard to know what the right tools are.

someone cutting bread with a doorstop

Image: Giphy

10. Mr. T pities the fool who uses too much oil.

mr. t cooking in too much oil

Image: Giphy

11. They should invent something to make it easier to get foods out of the fire.

picking up potato off grill and dropping it

Image: Giphy

12. This never happens when she’s pouring vodka.

woman pouring soda and making a mess

Image: Giphy

13. Boiling water can be tricky.

woman catching arm on fire while boiling water

Image: Giphy

14. You’d think they’d make multiple sizes of pans.

flipping food out of pan

Image: Giphy

15. Who needs the hassle of putting the lid on before you turn it on?

blender without lid shooting liquid out

16. And you thought opening jars was hard.

opening plastic container and it goes everywhere

Image: Giphy

17. Too bad they never invented a gadget specifically designed to get ice cream out of the container.

scooping ice cream with a spoon that bends

Image: Giphy

18. You’re going to need to get a bigger blender (because that’s the only solution).

carrots too tall for blender

Image: Giphy

19. This is why they invented cupcakes.

cake getting destroyed as it's served

Image: Giphy

20. Eggs are impossible to cook.

boiled egg turns out totally raw

Image: Giphy

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