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’80s and ’90s cereals that need to make a comeback

Not that we’re complaining about the modern options, but there are some ’80s and ’90s cereals that really need to make another appearance on store shelves. In no particular order, our nominees are…

1. E.T. Cereal

We know E.T. isn’t the hot draw he used to be, but those crispy bites in the glowy-fingered guy’s fave flavor combo, peanut butter and chocolate, sure would be.

2. Strawberry Shortcake cereal

The adorable Ms. Shortcake has made a comeback recently, so we’re dying to get our paws on these strawberry-flavored spheres again.

3. Smurf-berry Crunch

If you smurf berries as much as we do, smurf over to this Facebook page, and click “Like” to help them bring back Smurf-berry Crunch.

4. Urkel-Os
Strawberry-bannana flavored rings brought to you by every ’90s kid’s favorite nerd — how has no one brought this back yet?

5. Spider-Man cereal
They were basically Chex with little marshmallows, but boy were they tasty!

6. Ice Cream Cones Cereal

This cereal featured little cones with vanilla-flavored balls that gave kids the perfect excuse to play with their food.

7. Circus Fun cereal

The fruity cereal spheres weren’t the only draw of this marshmallow-laden cereal.

8. Ghostbusters cereal

No one was really sure what flavor the cereal itself was supposed to be, but hey, it had marshmallows.

9. Fruity Yummy Mummy cereal
These were way better than regular kids’ cereals, because the fruit-flavored cereal came with bonus Monster-Mallows.

10. Nerds cereal
Perfect for kids who couldn’t decide what flavor they wanted, Nerds was a tangy cereal that came with two flavors in two packs for three choices for breakfast.

11. Wonder cereal

Most of the discontinued cereals are likely to be sugar-heavy cereals, but Wonder produced this lightly sweetened honey cereal similar in texture to Rice Krispies.

12. S’mores Crunch cereal
What’s better than s’mores by the fireside? S’mores Crunch cereal for breakfast every day.

13. Pop-Tarts Crunch Cereal

Pop-Tarts are a great grab-and-go breakfast munchie, but for the days you have time, it’s nice to cover these mini versions with milk and eat them at your leisure.

14. Frosted Mini Chex
Chex tried to get in on the kiddie cereal game with this frosted version of its famous cereal. We think the only problem was that they marketed it toward kids — adults like sweet cereals too!

15. Sprinkle Spangles cereal

Star-shaped cereal with sprinkles… Sign us up!

16. Croonchy Stars cereal

The Muppets’ own resident cook, the Swedish Chef, cooked up these tasty cinnamon toast-flavored bites of awesome.

17. Hidden Treasures cereal

This sneaky cereal consisted of crunchy squares, many of which were hollow, but some of which contained a hidden treasure in the form of different fruit flavors.

18. Banana Frosted Flakes

Why bother with slicing a banana when you can just get your Frosted Flakes with banana flavor sprinkled onto every crispy flake?

19. Oreo O’s cereal

Launched in the late ’90s, Oreo O’s cereal was later discontinued everywhere except South Korea. I hope they know how lucky they are.

20. Cap’N Deep-Sea Crunch
This cereal didn’t stick around long, but it’s hard to resist a fruity version of Cap’N Crunch.

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