17 Food sign fails that will have you giggling

What is it about typos and copy errors? Unless you’re the one who made the mistake, they’re oftentimes hilarious and sometimes inappropriate (the best kind). And when it comes to anything food-related? Well, nothing makes me laugh quite as much as a sign proclaiming that boxes of “Tasty Ass Crackers” are on sale for just $2. That seems like a deal for such delicious crackers, no?

But it’s not always a typo. Sometimes it’s unfortunate placement in the store, and sometimes it’s just an unfortunate product name altogether. No matter the reason, these fails will make you laugh.

1. Prok… the other other white meat

You know I had to say it.

2. Um, what?

If your chicken has paws, you have bigger problems.

3. There’s a better way

“Chicken”-flavored soup mix is always an option.

4. It’s not even sorta the same

Peaches and nectarines, sure. Corn and watermelon? Nope.

5. You can buy that at the grocery store?

I can’t even begin to guess what this was supposed to be.

6. The little tail goes on top

I’m guessing lamb is a little more tender.

7. A “t” has never been so important

Though apparently £1.99 gets you a lot more than $1.99.

8. To go with the fudge

You’ve got to have the savory option.

9. Just don’t

Dear Husband, Do not ever, ever present me with a “gift” of ketchup.

10. Savory sundaes

I’m always up for trying new things, but barbecue sauce on my ice cream is where I draw the line.

11. Mmm… taste

I love it when taste tastes like taste.

12. How to ruin Hanukkah in one easy step

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How to ruin Hanukkah #ruiners

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That’s not how it works.

13. What exactly is in a meat burger?

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WTF is a meat burger???

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If you have to ask…

14. Third time’s a charm

Tastes like chincken?

15. It’s like they know me

Have you been to our get-togethers?

16. They seem confused…

I’m betting there isn’t much meat on chicken ribs.

17. Because I’m this immature

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Hehehe #peanutbutt

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In your best Beavis and Butthead voice: uh huh huh huh. They said butt.

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