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Coffee taste test: Does the beloved Dunkin’ Donuts brew hold up? (VIDEO)

People have strong opinions about coffee. They feel a loyalty to their favorite roast. They vehemently defend their choice against others who disagree. They swear they can pick “their” coffee from a lineup, based solely on how much better it tastes.

So what happens when you blind taste test your so-called favorite fast-food coffee against other brews you claim to despise? Hilarity, that’s what.


In this taste test, the coffee contenders are McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King.

I have to admit that I do not belong to the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee fan club. I happen to think there is far better coffee out there. So when Dunkin’ has the potential to get smacked down in a taste test, I watch with rapt attention.

Now, there’s a lot of Dunkin’ love going on here. There’s a lot of oohing and ahhing over what is perceived to be Dunkin’. There are claims that it “smells like New England” and “has total complexity.” So does it win? Watch the video to find out.

Who gets your vote for favorite fast-food coffee?

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