6 Crazy food stories that will bring out the vegan in you

I’m a girl who loves her meat pies, lists her favourite smell as KFC and would rather dine on my own nails than tofu, but I’m thinking a vegan lifestyle doesn’t seem so bad given the recent discoveries I’ve made about eating animal products.

1. The tongue-eating louse

These photos went viral on social media after 28-year-old British woman, Zoe Butler, found a pair of beady eyes watching her as she ate her tuna. There’s still some debate over whether the mysterious creature found in the can is a tongue-eating louse or a harmless juvenile crab. Foreign objects aside, tuna has higher levels of mercury than most other canned fish.

2. The pork tapeworm

Image: Animal Planet/YouTube

Hold the bacon! Did you know pork contains tapeworms that can invade your intestines, nervous system and brain? Headaches, strokes and epilepsy are just a few of the complications associated with an infestation. You’re more at risk if you eat undercooked pork in Asia, Africa or Latin America, but with international imports, it may be worth checking that what you are eating is Australian made.

3. The random animal parts

KFC and McDonald’s have both done their share of including extras their customers did not pay for, including battered chicken heads and fried brains and rats’ tails. It’s enough to make our stomachs churn.

4. The protein that increases cancer

We’ve always been taught we need milk for strong teeth and bones, but in one of the world’s most comprehensive studies on diet, it was discovered that casein, the protein in animal milk, is responsible for an increase in cancer growth. It’s time to crack open the almond, rice or soy milk for me.

5. The bacteria that causes urinary tract infections

Image: Quickmeme.com

If you’ve ever been plagued by UTIs, it could be related to a strain of bacteria found in supermarket meats, particularly chicken. According to studies conducted at a Canadian university, bacteria can exist in the intestines without any symptoms.

6. The diet of a prawn

You might think twice before throwing another prawn on the barbie if you are a firm believer in the old saying that you are what you eat. Prawns dine on a diet of parasites and dead fish. Before you eat them, they need to have the poop chute removed, but as you are doing so, the contents can spill all over the meat.

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