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16 People who are taking #PancakeDay to the next level

Pancake Day — or Shrove Tuesday — was once a time for penance, but now it’s basically just about pancakes, and we’re not mad about the shift. The humble pancake doesn’t require much effort, unless these people are involved. On the day of pancake celebration, these people are killing it.

The people who think pancakes make for great masks

The person who has spent too much time watching Frozen

The person who knows that The Beatles make everything better

The person who likes their pancakes a little bit creepy

The person who thought a pancake would make an ideal bunny hat

The person who thought of the pancake cake

The person who decided chocolate pancakes were the way to go

The person who expresses his love for Star Wars through pancakes

The person who knows that everything is better with sprinkles

The person who likes their pancakes stuffed

The person who really loves their kids

The person who turned pancakes into a dinner food

The person who made pancakes look prettier than we ever thought possible

The person who let their cat celebrate too

The person who basically turned pancakes into a salad

The person who thought to add meringue

Pancake recipes to try

Delicious pancake recipes to make for breakfast
Whole-wheat blueberry-oat pancakes
Bacon-stuffed pancake dippers

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