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15 Peanut butter-infused recipes to make for dinner tonight

Peanut butter, along with other nut butters, work really well in a savory recipe. And peanut butter and chocolate isn’t the only delicious pairing peanut butter can do well.

Although we commonly see peanut butter in sweet dessert recipes, today we’re here to challenge you in the kitchen by bringing you some savory peanut butter recipes. Sauces, salads, noodles, burgers and more all come together to rejoice in the newfound love for savory peanut butter dishes.

1. Thai peanut beef recipe

thai beef

Image: Damn Delicious

Thai peanut beef, the classic application for a peanut sauce, is perfect when served over steamed jasmine rice.

2. Spicy peanut butter-bacon sliders recipe

peanut butter burger

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Oh whoa! These spicy peanut butter-bacon sliders have not only peanut butter but bacon to make for an even more decadent bite.

3. Rainbow peanut noodles recipe

rainbow noodles

Image: Gimme Some Oven

We’re loving how gorgeous these rainbow peanut noodles look and the variety of textures in this recipe.

4. Sticky Thai barbecue ribs with peanut barbecue sauce and sweet Thai ginger slaw recipe

ribs peanut

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Dive into a rack of these sticky Thai barbecue ribs with peanut barbecue sauce and sweet Thai ginger slaw, and you might never come back up for air — they are that good.

5. Shrimp spring rolls with hoisin-peanut sauce recipe

hoisin peanut sauce

Image: Damn Delicious

Pairing peanut butter and hoisin for these shrimp spring rolls with hoisin-peanut sauce is a classic way to combine these two traditional Asian condiments.

6. Peanut butter cheeseburger recipe


Image: Set the Table

Tucked in between the cheese and the burger patty lies a glob of peanut butter that will surprise your palate and make this peanut butter cheeseburger your favorite burger recipe.

7. Spicy vegan peanut butter tofu with Sriracha sauce recipe

tofu spicy

Image: Kalyn’s Kitchen

Who says tofu has to be flavorless? Not with this recipe for spicy vegan peanut butter tofu with Sriracha sauce.

8. Easy mole recipe


Image: Sweet Life

Peanut butter gives this easy mole its gorgeously creamy and rich texture without all the labor.

9. Beer-braised chicken enchiladas with beer mole recipe

beer mole

Image: The Beeroness

We’re loving these beer-braised chicken enchiladas with beer mole and the nutty notes that peanut butter brings to the dish.

10. Peanut butter steak tacos recipe

steak peanut tacos

Image: Dessert for Two

Tacos, steak and peanut butter… These peanut butter steak tacos sound like the perfect husband meal.

11. Thai peanut soup with grilled peanut butter croutons recipe

croutons peanut butter

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Thai peanut soup with grilled peanut butter croutons is the ideal soup recipe to warm up this chilly winter.

12. Peanut butter and jelly chicken wings recipe

peanut butter wings

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

Sweet, savory and oh so good are these peanut butter and jelly chicken wings.

13. Thai peanut chicken wonton cupcakes recipe

thai chicken

Image: Emily Bites

Thai peanut chicken wonton cupcakes are super portable and would make great lunchbox meals.

14. Spicy peanut-ginger drumsticks recipe

soy chicken

Image: Blogging over Thyme

We love the addition of soy to these spicy peanut-ginger drumsticks for that extra punch of umami.

15. Thai coconut-peanut chicken noodles recipe

peanut noodles

Image: Greens & Chocolate

Make a double batch of these Thai coconut-peanut chicken noodles, and have this gorgeous salad all week long.

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