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Ramen pot pie is real, and you should make it immediately


SheKnows Editorial

Here’s proof that you can do literally anything to instant ramen, and it will still taste good.

One intrepid writer over at Foodbeast decided two quintessential comfort foods — noodles and pie — should be combined into one hot, savory pile-o-carby goodness. The results? Stunning, obviously.

The recipe is pretty simple, but like instant ramen itself, you could take the pie in almost any direction.

As it stands, all you’ll need is ramen, pork belly, a soft-boiled egg, a double pie crust, some canned goods and some aromatics to make the pie of your dreams come true.

If you let the pie cool after cooking, the noodles will likely hold together enough to allow you to cut the pie into wedges. But I rather like the way the recipe creator decided to feast upon his ungodly creation — with half the top crust removed, like this was some sort of jumbo noodle pie bread bowl.

If you’re like me and just reading about this insane meal has you feeling peckish, check out the video tutorial below. You’ll be snacking on ramen pot pie in no time.

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