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15 Soul food recipes that’ll make you feel Southern

Southern cooks may have developed these recipes full of deep flavor, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy them. No matter where you live, if you haven’t tried soul food, you’re missing out. Bonus: These recipes are all slowly cooked, simmered and stewed for rich flavors without you having to spend a lot of money. Perfect for the frugal foodies.

Discover how to make authentic soul food at home with these delicious recipes.

1. Perfect collard greens recipe


Image: Dessert for Two

Hearty greens like these collard greens are made even more delicious with the addition of bacon and by slow-cooking them to soften the leaves.

2. Catfish and collard greens recipe

catfish collards

Image: Tori Avey

This combination of fried catfish and collard greens is a classic soul food recipe — perfect crunch in the fish and deliciously smothered greens.

3. Black-eyed pea cakes with collard greens recipe

pea cakes

Image: Eats Well with Others

A vegetarian meal if you don’t add pork products to the greens, these black-eyed pea cakes with collard greens are delicious.

4. Southern butter beans recipe

butter beans

Image: Never Enough Thyme

Southern butter beans — not to be confused with lima beans — are creamy and so delicious when slow-cooked.

5. Southern cornbread recipe


Image: Oh Sweet Basil

Southern cornbread is a staple in all Southern homes, and everyone has a favorite recipe. We’re loving this delicious one.

6. Hoppin’ John recipe

hoppin john

Hoppin’ John, a mix of black-eyed peas and rice, is a traditional side dish in soul food cookery.

7. Fresh black-eyed peas with ham hock recipe

ham hock beans

Image: In Erika’s Kitchen

Try making these fresh black-eyed peas with ham hock if you can get your hands on fresh beans — so worth it.

8. Southern-style black-eyed peas recipe

black eyed peas

Southern-style black-eyed peas — not only for eating during New Year’s, but all year-round, as they are a great source of iron, vitamins and nutrients.

9. Southern-style sweet potato casserole recipe


Image: Bakes in Slippers

Southern-style sweet potato casserole — what you’d think of as dessert, in the South is a perfectly fine side dish to accompany your pork chops and gravy.

10. Smoky black-eyed pea and ham soup recipe

soup ham

Image: The Daring Gourmet

The perfect way to start a meal, this smoky black-eyed pea and ham soup freezes really well, so we recommend making a double batch.

11. Oxtail stew recipe

oxtail stew

Image: Never Enough Thyme

This oxtail stew is the perfect example of making do with what you have. Oxtail was considered scraps, and soul food transformed it by simmering and slow-cooking it into goodness.

12. Fried chicken recipe

fried chicken

Image: Oh Sweet Basil

You can’t forget fried chicken in all its glory.

13. Chicken-fried steak recipe

chicken fried steak

Image: Miss in the Kitchen

Steak that’s battered like chicken, and you get chicken-fried steak. We’re drooling.

14. Chicken-sausage dirty rice recipe

dirty rice

Image: Bakes in Slippers

This chicken-sausage dirty rice would make the perfect side dish to your soul food-inspired dinner table.

15. Fried okra recipe

fried okra

Image: Never Enough Thyme

Serve this fried okra as a snack or crispy side dish to a meal.

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