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10 Girl Scout cookie binge excuses you’re already making

I know, I know. Eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting is probably not the best idea. But something happens in my brain when I start eating them. Can’t stop… Won’t stop… Please don’t make me stop.

Can you relate? If you’re looking for a way to rationalize your Girl Scout cookie binge, use my favorites. It’s amazing what you can talk yourself into under the spell of a Thin Mint.

1. Eating one sleeve of Thin Mints actually shows that I’m very disciplined.

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There are two in there, you know?

2. One box = one serving, right?

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That’s just common sense.

3. Seriously, do they put crack in these cookies?

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Nah, they’d probably sell a lot more.

4. Obviously Rah-Rah Raisins are meant to be eaten in place of breakfast.

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They’re made of oats (total breakfast food) and raisins (a serving of fruit). That’s practically health food.

5. I’m actually being very philanthropic by eating these cookies.

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Think of all the Girl Scouts I’m supporting. I should buy more. Lots more.

6. They wouldn’t be called “Thin” Mints if they were fattening, now would they?

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Nope. Girl Scouts don’t lie. It’s one of their badges or something.

7. Eating Girl Scout cookies before dinner ensures that I won’t overeat.

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I wouldn’t want to overdo it on the broccoli and brown rice. There are calories in those.

8. I could do worse. There are Girl Scout cookie-flavored cocktails out there.

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I’m being much more responsible by just eating the cookies.

9. I’ll need approximately 530 boxes to get me through the next 11 months.

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Why can’t those Girl Scouts work a little harder and sell cookies all year?

10. Wait. Was that the last cookie? That can’t possibly be the last cookie.

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