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Which food makes you friendlier and more charitable?

The next time you’re around someone who’s got the grumps, don’t walk around on eggshells, just give them an egg instead.

If you’ve been feeling moody, grumpy or just downright miserable lately, you might not be eating enough eggs. Some new, and rather strange, research has come out of the Netherlands which suggests that eggs can not only make you nicer, but they can also make you dig deeper and be more charitable, too.

According to the research, eggs contain the happy hormone, serotonin, which can elevate your mood and even cause you to feel like upping the generosity stakes.

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Researchers from the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition found that tryptophan, which is found in eggs, actually converts to serotonin in the body, making us feel in high spirits and it can also double our charitable enthusiasm.

“Our study is the first demonstration that charitable donating can be enhanced by serotonin-related food supplements,” the researchers said.

This is great news for people hosting charitable events and dinners — just make sure some sort of egg dish is on the menu and watch twice as many donations come flying in.

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So how many eggs does someone have to consume before the tryptophan takes hold and works its magic? According to research, just three eggs will do the trick.

It doesn’t just stop at eggs, either — beans, poultry, oats, fish, cheese, tofu, seeds and nuts also have tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin.

The next time you need a favour from someone or go asking your bank manager for a loan, bring them a meal to soften them up and make sure some serotonin-enhancing ingredients are in there, too.

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