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Winter-inspired treats and eats

While the rest of the world may be blanketed in snow and ice, if you’re feeling the heat this summer, then it’s time to cool down with these wintery treats.

Marshmallow Olaf melting in hot chocolate |

Snowman treats

Bring a cheeky little snowman to your dessert table with a packet of marshmallows and some sugar pens.

Let the kids go wild making and decorating their very own snowman. Simply pop three marshmallows on a white plate and let your child draw on his face, arms and legs using different-coloured sugar pens. You can even draw on the plate as the pen will wipe straight off when it’s time to clean up.

Your kids can eat their snowman straight from the plate, or watch him melt in a mug of their favourite brand of hot chocolate.

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Reindeer mousse

You might not be able to make chocolate reindeer, but you can make chocolate mousse and that’s kind of the same thing!

Pick up a pack of your favourite mousse, a packet of white marshmallows and a bag of musk sticks from the supermarket and let the kids whip up a sweet reindeer treat. Simply set the mousse into small ramekins then top with a white marshmallow nose and two musk stick antlers.


Snowy mountains

Are you ready for an adventure of gastronomic proportions? Then it’s time to create your very own snowy mountain!

Grab a packet of Snowballs (chocolate and coconut-covered marshmallows) and a couple of Flakes from the supermarket. Arrange the snowballs into a peak on a plate, nestling the Flakes in the gaps to create some rugged peaks. Serve with piping-hot mugs of hot chocolate for a decadent, winter-inspired treat.


Santa’s sleigh

Here’s a sweet little sleigh that’s fun to make with all those leftover post-Christmas candy canes.

Simply push the long ends of two candy canes into a fun-size chocolate bar of your choice. It’s a good idea to trim the ends first so you don’t have overly-long runners. If you like, you can top the sleigh with a Tiny Teddy — just make a small cut into the top of the chocolate bar and push the Teddy in feet first.


Snow cones

Snow cones are the perfect wintery treat for a hot summers day.

All you need to do is crush some ice — you can do this in your blender or simply wrap a handful of ice cubes up in a clean tea towel and pound with a rolling pin. Shape it into a large ball, pop it into a cup and top with your favourite syrup for a delicious, frozen treat.

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