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10 Drinks and cocktails from around the world


Jenever joy

Shot of vodka

Commonly tagged as the vodka of the Netherlands, this popular drop is well worth trying. Made from the juniper flower, it has an aromatic taste, yet is also quite malty and smoky like a whisky.

It is traditionally taken straight — just remember, it’s only jenever if it is made in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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To be sure with Guinness


To have the luck of the Irish in a glass, hey? Almost everyone is familiar with Guinness, however, this dark and creamy stout doesn’t have to be sipped as is.

Try making a Black Velvet cocktail with equal parts Guinness and sparkling white wine.


Sunrise in Mexico

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila and Mexico just go hand in hand. So, if you’re thinking of having a fiesta at home then you must include a good tequila cocktail.

Jen from A Year of Cocktails shares another great recipe for the infamous Tequila Sunrise. She says, “I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this cocktail so much… it’s not too strong of a flavour and quite enjoyable.”

Photo credit: A Year of Cocktails

“Opa!” with ouzo


You don’t need to smash plates to experience a little Greece at home. Just pick up a bottle of ouzo and warm your throat with this anise-flavoured alcoholic drink.

If you want to have a little more fun, make a Jelly Bean cocktail by adding a shot of ouzo to lemonade and a dash of blue or red cordial.


Sophisticated Champagne

Champagne from France

We’ll finish this list with a simple yet classic national drink. There isn’t a more famous alcoholic beverage than Champagne from France. And yes, it does have to come from there.

Splurge one night and buy a bottle of Champagne that has been created under the strict production laws of the Champagne region of France and drink it pure.

If, however, you’re just after a sparkling pink or white wine, don’t be afraid to jazz it up with a strawberry or a shot of peach or raspberry liqueur.

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