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10 Drinks and cocktails from around the world

Are you bored with the same old drinks? It could be time to bring some exotic flair to your kitchen with these tempting drinks and cocktails.

Every country has a drink they love to turn to and, lucky for us, they’re all different. The following might not strictly be the national drink of every country but they’re certainly the flavours and mixes we associate with these great cultures.


Rum and hum in Australia

Dark and Stormy Cocktail.

Most Aussies have tasted locally-produced dark rum, however, it’s not everyone’s flavour. Don’t give up; with the right cocktail recipe it can be just as sexy as any bar mix.

Like the tropical winds that roll through our rum country in North Queensland, mix yourself a Dark and Stormy cocktail. In a tall glass, pour a shot of dark rum and half shots of lime juice and sugar syrup (a boiled water and sugar mix) over ice. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Photo credit: Jessica and Lon Binder via Flickr

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Sake sips in Japan

Drunken SAMU-Rai cocktail

Sake is usually sipped alongside your favourite Japanese dish, however, blogger Jen from A Year of Cocktails shows us another way.

Keeping it simple, she mixed-up the Drunken SAMU-Rai cocktail with one part sake to three parts coconut water. She says, “I gave [this] cocktail two-and-a-half shots out of five… my husband says that this is a pretty good cocktail. He likes coconut water a lot more than I do.”

Photo credit: A Year of Cocktails

From Russia with love

White Russian

Of course we associate Russia with vodka, so it’s only fitting that we include the well-known White Russian cocktail.

In a short glass with ice, combine 90 millilitres of vodka with 30 millilitres of coffee liqueur and top to your liking with cream or milk. If you don’t add the dairy, you’ll have yourself a Black Russian.


Much-loved Mojito


Is there a more popular cocktail that is easy to make and reminds you of a tropical holiday?

Blogging sisters Danielle, Sami, Hilary and Kelsea from The Domestic Four have an excellent Mojito recipe that they created after falling in love with the cocktail while out at a recent dinner. In fact it’s the perfect cocktail for any meal, or as Kelsea says, “Heck, Mojitos go well with cereal!”

Photo credit: The Domestic Four

Moonshine in America

Manhattan cocktail.

Although whisky is enjoyed the world over, there is something about it that harks our minds back to old America in the “moonshine” days.

Nowadays you can freely add it to your glass any way you like. Try mixing it with vermouth and a dash of bitters to make a Manhattan cocktail.

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