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How to use up leftover Easter treats

The kids might be suffering a bit of chocolate overload post-Easter and you’re bound to have leftover Easter eggs.

easter eggs

So what to do with all the eggs and bunnies that have yet to be eaten? Pop them in the pantry and wait until the kids are ready to eat them again? Instead, why not get creative with some recipes which will use up your leftover chocolate bunnies and leave some room for some other things in the pantry.



Invite friends and family over, melt down your leftover chocolate and get stuck into it with chopped up pieces of fruit. Simply cut up bananas, strawberries, apples and your favourite types of fruit and lay them out on platters around the pot of melted chocolate. Give everyone a skewer or a fork and get dipping.


Oatmeal choc-chip muffins

Use up your leftover Easter eggs with these great lunch box snacks. Simply mix your muffin batter, add a cup of oatmeal and then crush up what’s left of your chocolate bunnies. Mix them into the batter, pour the mixture into a muffin tray and pop them into the oven. Sprinkle chocolate over the top of the muffins once they’re cooked.

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Chocolate pancakes

Another great way to make use of your chocolates after Easter is to mix them in with your pancakes to make decadent chocolate pancakes. They are great for a delicious and indulgent weekend dessert!


Smartie cupcakes

If you have any of the Humpty Smartie-filled Easter eggs leftover, put them aside and use them to decorate cupcakes. Simply make a batch of your favourite cupcakes and use the Smarties to create a colourful topping — the kids will love them.

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Ice cream toppings

Break up some of your leftover Easter eggs in a glass bowl and place it over a pot with boiling water in it. Let the water simmer, melting the chocolate, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Melt the chocolate down and use it to drizzle over your favourite ice cream. Or instead, grate some chocolate pieces and then sprinkle that over your ice cream or any other dessert.


Hot chocolate

Melt down your chocolate pieces as above and then slowly add milk, stirring as you pour. Continue to stir until the chocolate mixture is smooth and creamy. Pour into some mugs and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate with the family. The perfect indulgence as the weather starts getting cooler.

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