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Money-saving matrimonial meals

Planning a wedding is time-consuming and expensive, but your food doesn’t have to be. With trendy menu items and creative thinking, your wedding menu can be fabulous without the price tag.

wedding cake pops

The cake

This is the biggest, if not most important, food item at your wedding. A huge trend happening now is cake pops, which allows you to have a bit more creativity and can cost less. Christina Soong-Kroeger, author of the popular food blog The Hungry Australian, offers two simple recipes for cheesecake pops and regular cake pops. Both can be easily adapted to suit the theme of your wedding. Cake pops, as well as macarons, also make awesome wedding favours. Another trend to try for dessert/cake is customised cupcakes. Live near Adelaide? Check out Cupcake Table and Cupcake Treats for all your cake pop needs.

Christina Soong-Kroeger shares these matrimonial money-saving tips:

• “Cake pops are easy to make at home. Just make sure you dip the whole pop into the melted chocolate or candy using a popstick and dribble all the excess chocolate off.”

• “Make your own programs and invitations. Buy flowers from a flower wholesaler and arrange them yourselves in sourced vintage vases or bottles. Ask musical friends if they will be part of the ceremony.”

• “Individual servings (e.g. desserts served in mini glass jars) always make anything look more special.”

Main courses

Look for caterers who offer group deals with buffets. The pricing for caterers is always varied but by looking into ones with a buffet, you can include a much larger variety of food for a cheaper price. The traditional three-course meal can be expensive and drab. By offering a buffet you can add an overall theme to your food that guests can visibly see. This way guests have more of an option and will mingle with one another. Try, as often as possible, to make things yourself.

Fancy food

Any type of food can be made to look expensive. Soong-Kroeger suggests adding flowers and fresh herbs as well as good styling to make any dish look fancier. “It’s not about what you are offering; it’s how you present it,” Soong-Kroeger says. Try to think of a menu that is dear to your heart. When you select foods that reflect on your heritage or wedding journey, family and friends can help to make and cook foods. Soong-Kroeger said her idea of the perfect inexpensive wedding menu would be “a mixture of Asian and Western food, with lots of fresh flavours and colour, partly cooked by family and friends.”

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