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10 Tropical fruits to try this summer

Go beyond apples and bananas this summer with these 10 tropical fruits

dragon fruit

great tropical fruits with flavour

Go beyond apples and bananas this summer with these 10 tropical fruits.
Australian summers can be a great time to expand your palate with lots of local flavours and ingredients. Take advantage of some interesting and different tropical fruits that are available locally and imagine you’re on an amazing island holiday!

Dragon fruit

This fruit is beautiful to look at. The red exterior will remind you of an oriental flower, yet the white and black speckled flesh on the inside is a stark contrast. The flesh is creamy and sweet tasting. Some people also call it the strawberry pear so that gives you a hint about the flavour.


Star fruit

This five-pointed, yellowy-green fruit is a great tropical fruit to start on. Also known as a carambola, the fruit has a crunch and flavour like apple, yet also tastes a bit like pineapple with its sweetness (some can be sour). Cut width-wise, the stars look great on a platter.



If you like lychee, then you have to try a rambutan. Don’t fear the red, spiney exterior. Just use a knife to cut around it and pop it off. The sweet juicy flesh is deliclious.



Although the flavour is quite common, you must, at least once, eat a fresh-cut passionfruit. Just run a blade through the tough exterior and scoop out the tangy, sweet pulp. The aroma is also out of this world.



Resembling an orange grape tomato, kumquats are like a snack-sized orange. The citrus flavour is intense and sweet. You will enjoy this one.



Although common, at summer time you cannot beat the flavour of a perfectly ripe mango. Some people prefer the seed, others just devour the cheeks. Whichever way, the mango is a crowd pleaser.



The lychee is becoming more common in Australia, however, you really should take the chance to taste it fresh (not canned). Crack the tough skin and suck on the little white fruit that pops out. The fragrant flavour is delicious.



This is quite an unusual looking fruit. The exterior is a dark purple, yet when you cut into it there is a deep red interior with stark white pulp. Scoop out the pod-like pulp portions and taste — you might detect a little peach or citrus flavour.



Sure we’ve all used the dessicated stuff. A fresh coconut, however, is a far cry from the dried variety. The sweet delicious water is utterly refreshing but then once you scoop out some coconut flesh you will have the most divine-tasting fruit ever.


Custard apple

Don’t judge the lumpy, green exterior — custard apples are a taste sensation. Simply cut in half and spoon out the flesh (it does contain seeds so just spit them out). It has a lovely creamy texture and a subtle sweetness. Heavenly!

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