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How to create the coffee shop atmosphere at home

Dashing out to a local café for a hit of coffee and 30 minutes to yourself is something most of us — especially busy mums — crave. But there’s no need to leave your house to create this golden coffee haven. Instead, why not set up your own at-home coffee experience that has all the ambience of a café, without the price tag?

Woman drinking coffee at home

Coffee mugs

What is it that we really love about coffee shops? There’s the people-watching, the constant buzz of noise in the background, the fresh and fragrant smell of coffee. Plus, the ability to read a magazine while in intimate surrounds, without being distracted or interrupted.

Yes, it’s all of this and more. But when you really break it down, it’s not so much the actual surrounds and experiences at the coffee shop that we crave — it’s what it represents.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re busy building your career, juggling the demands of motherhood, engaged in study or you’re simply getting on with life… as a woman, there’s a good chance you regularly bite off more than you can chew.

That’s why it’s such a great idea to create your own coffee haven at home, away from the crowds, and accessible at a moment’s notice. This is your place to escape to, where you can dip out of the real world, relax, recharge and prepare yourself to take on whatever the rest of your day throws at you! To help you get started, consider the following:

Set a date with yourself

Whether it’s first thing in the morning before anyone else wakes up, a designated afternoon break while the kids are asleep, or a nightcap once the day is behind you, it helps to earmark a certain time each day for your nurturing coffee break. This helps you to build the ritual of a “coffee date” with yourself to look forward to every day.

Buy a beautiful coffee mug

Considering you use your coffee mug every day, it makes sense to invest a small amount in a gorgeous mug! Even a beautiful fine-bone china mug won’t set you back much more than $15 to $20, but the simple act of reaching for your beautiful mug each day will help reinforce that you’re worth the splurge on life’s little luxuries.

Be prepared for guests

On that note, it’s a good idea to have a few sets of different designs on hand for personal use and for entertaining. When serving guests coffee, it’s always lovely if you can provide matching cups and serving sets of milk and sugar. Stylish demitasse (espresso) spoons finish the look.

Designate a special nook

This is your own personal coffee nook in your house or garden, where you can sit at a window to watch the world go by, or immerse yourself in a good book or magazine. Try keeping a couple of books you’ve always been meaning to read nearby so you can easily reach for some reading material.

Create your own coffee shop atmosphere

Play some jazz or holiday music to set the mood and make your coffee a little bit fancy by foaming your milk, adding a sprinkle of cocoa on top, or experimenting with a shot of flavoured syrup. Then sit back and relax, pop your smartphone away and savour a few moments to yourself with a delicious hot cup of java.

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