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Easy ways to indulge every day

Ever thought about how no-one ever spoils you? Don’t wait for your boyfriend, husband or kids to make the effort, SheKnows has the ultimate guide to easy ways to indulge every day and the best thing is you can do it yourself.

woman treating herself to chocolate

Ditch the diet

One cheat day a week isn’t going to turn you into an oompah loompah. If you’re constantly counting calories or Weight Watchers points, have one day where you can eat what you want without feeling guilt-ridden. In fact, having a cheat day can even boost your metabolism. Have cream or an injection of chocolate syrup in your coffee, go carb crazy and don’t say no to upsizing your combo meal.

Catch up for coffee

Every girl deserves an hour or two to catch up for coffee with friends. There’s nothing more relaxing than a gossip and a giggle over a rich, velvety mug of Moccona. Provide a couple of different coffee blends and a tiered serving platter with handmade chocolates and bite-sized cupcakes and you’ll have a coffee afternoon to remember.

Covert stash of chocolate

In your handbag there should always be a stash of chocolate for emergencies. No-one has to know. It can be your guilty little secret, but don’t go for your everyday chocolate bars you can purchase at supermarket checkouts. If you’re going to indulge, make it worth your while with a selection of handmade truffles which melt in your mouth.

Adventure tour for your tastebuds

Have you ever tried a deep fried Mars Bar? Or a Tim Tam Slam where you bite off the end of a Tim Tam and use it as a straw to drink coffee? Perhaps you’ve never eaten fries dipped in McDonalds chocolate sundaes or been brave enough to try sushi. Indulge on taking your tastebuds on an adventurous tour, sampling foods you wouldn’t normally eat every day.cocktail glass

Invent your own cocktail

Half the fun is being experimental. For starters you’ll need a measuring cup, thermos flask for shaking, rolling pin for bashing ice, a juicer and glasses. For the alcohol content, choose whiskey, vodka or rum. Alternatively, you can create a mocktail without the alcohol. It’s always good to have cranberry or tomato juice on hand, a couple of lemons or limes, sprigs of mint and cocktail umbrellas. Make sure you have soda water, dry ginger ale, Red Bull or cola. Use your imagination and get busy inventing.

Fast facial

Mix four tablespoons of ground coffee with a quarter of a cup of soy milk and a tablespoon of honey into a paste for a facial mask which helps alleviate puffy eyes and will make your skin feel rejuventated.
Leave for 20 minutes before rinsing.

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