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Foods and drinks to boost your energy in the afternoon

Want to know how to get through the rest of your afternoon with some much-needed pep and vitality? Why not try some of these easy energy booster foods and drinks to see you through the remainder of the afternoon?

Woman drinking coffee

We all know that feeling: Our lunch has worn off and we still have a few hours left at work or the school run to get to. You feel your energy levels dropping, your concentration waning and your mind heading towards the topic of food and drink. Here are a few quick and easy options one can turn to for that afternoon pick-me-up.

coffee mugCoffee

Coffee offers a quick and effective energy boost to help you regain your alertness and concentration by stimulating the central nervous system almost immediately. One fresh cup of Moccona coffee should do the trick, without keeping you up all night. For those who can’t do without their afternoon coffee boost, the good news is that many researchers are now beginning to discover that coffee may also provide several interesting health benefits.


We are all too familiar with how effective a chocolate bar is at helping us getting through a long and tedious afternoon. But what about those who are on the calorie count? Well, head for a guilt-free piece or two of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content of 70 to 80 per cent or above has been shown to have a positive effect on brain function, encouraging the body to release endorphins, giving you a natural high. Dark chocolate is a proven antioxidant and helps to control blood sugar levels. This means your body won’t experience that quick high then crashing low that so often occurs when one has consumed a milk chocolate bar.

almondsNuts and seeds

Eating nuts and seeds, such as almonds and pumpkin seeds, is an easy and healthy option to provide that afternoon energy boost. They are both good sources of magnesium, which is vital to maintaining energy levels in the body. Almonds contain vitamin B, which helps to convert food we have eaten into energy. Almonds have also been found to boost weight loss.


Bananas are high in good carbohydrates, those that come in the form of natural sugars. As we all know, carbohydrates give your body energy. The benefit of eating bananas is that they are a different type of carbohydrate to other foods, such as potatoes, bread and pasta. The body is able to easily digest bananas, meaning they give you energy in a very short time.

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