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10 Australian food blogs you should be following

6. Not Quite Nigella

Chinese bourbon chicken
Image: Not Quite Nigella

An adorably named blog run by the adorable blogger Lorraine, this Sydney-based food blog focuses on travel, food and especially cake. While Lorraine loves French and Japanese cuisine most of all, her blog remains diverse. On it, you’ll find plenty of flavourful recipes with a variety of cultural influences, spurred on by Lorraine’s love of travel, with favorites like Chinese bourbon chicken.

Lorraine explains, “My blog is a journal of eating out, recipes and travel both around Australia and the world. I tend to write about whatever interests me, so there isn’t a central food theme apart from that it has to be delicious! The food ranges from street food to high end, and it is a blog designed and written for people that love food obsessively.”

7. Orgasmic Chef

Pumpkin ravioli
Image: Orgasmic Chef

With the tagline “food that’s better than sex” how can you not check this one out? This is a visually inspiring blog, with recipes sorted into an amazing number of categories. The author isn’t a trained chef — just an amazing cook. The blog features a series called Food Writer Fridays, with great interviews. These pumpkin and pine nut ravioli just might transport you to Tuscany.

8. The Food Pornographer

Soul sandwich
Image: The Food Pornographer

If you too find food porn impossible to resist, then you’ll understand what this popular blog is all about. Cynthia of Perth started The Food Pornographer to combine her love of eating, travel, writing and photography all in one place. Going strong since 2005, Cynthia’s blog has gained followers from all over the world. Cynthia is known to post the odd recipe — but her scrumptious food porn and travel pics, like the epic soul sandwich from her breakfast at May Street Larder, might be enough to fill you up.

9. The Hungry Australian

Kangaroo satays
Image: The Hungry Australian

Writer, photographer, stylist and recipe developer Christina Soong is the brains behind this beautiful blog, started in 2011 and later named Best Australian Blog 2014 and Best Food Blog 2014 in the Australian Writer’s Centre’s Best Australian Blogs competition. As an ABC, or Australian Born Chinese, Soong brings a delightful Asian influence to typical Australian fare, with yummy recipes like her kangaroo satays with spicy peanut sauce. (We love her 5 Minute Eats too.)

“The Hungry Australian is about my pursuit of a delicious life. I share personal stories and mouth-watering food and travel experiences to inspire you to create your own beautiful moments and memories,” Christina says.

10. Where’s the Beef?

Johnny cakes
Image: Where’s the Beef?

Cindy and Michael are the Melbourne couple behind this vegetarian blog. With their insatiable appetite for new dishes, they post often. Their extensive recipe collection includes everything from tofu scramble to where to find the best not-dogs around. These Johnny blaze cakes have us drooling.

Cindy says, “Our blog’s centred on the great vegetarian and vegan eating available around Melbourne (and sometimes further afield). We also showcase the vego recipes that we try at home, from smart ways with tofu and seasonal vegetables to churning our own ice cream.”

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Who is your favourite Australian food blogger? Let us know in the comments section.

Updated by Bethany Ramos on 2/17/2016

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