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10 Australian food blogs you should be following

Fun and flavorful Australian cooking, fine tastes and creative culinary talents, and tantalizing recipes -— what more could you ask for? We’ve hand-picked 10 unique food bloggers for our roundup. 

1. Chew Town

Image: Chew Town

Amanda, a chef living in Sydney, has been sharing her love of Australian-Italian cuisine with the world since 2011. Also a skilled photographer, there is nothing about Amanda’s delicious blog that isn’t pleasing to the eye. Most foodies love Chew Town because the recipes are both bold and easy — meaning, you’re never going to get bored or overwhelmed when making one of Amanda’s dishes at home. The ugly but tasty biscotti (her words) is our personal favorite.

“Chew Town is a recipe development and food photography blog with dynamic imagery and fuss-free food. Chew Town’s ethos is just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful,” Amanda explains. “[I believe] that impressive looking food is usually not difficult if you are game enough to give it a try.”

2. Chompchomp

Vanilla pudding
Image: Chompchomp

Chompchomp is a cute and clever food and travel blog run by Martine of Perth. Born with French and Cantonese roots, Martine describes herself as a child who “would eat anything,” as evidenced by the wide variety of food adventures and recipes posted to her blog. As a sufferer of food allergies, Martine’s recipes are also gluten-free (though her raw vanilla coconut pudding tastes as good as the real thing).

3. Grab Your Fork

Image: Grab Your Fork

Helen is the writer and eater behind this Sydney food blog. She’s a columnist, Cheap Eats Editor for the 2012 Eating and Drinking Sydney guide, writer and reviewer. She holds strong to the belief that food tastes better when shared with friends. Helen prefers actual eating to cooking, and her blog is filled with restaurant visits and pictures. We couldn’t stop thinking about the delicious pintxos in this post about a visit to The Carrington.

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4. Hotly Spiced

Potato scallops
Image: Hotly Spiced

Charlie Louie is the writer, photographer and lover of all things food who created Hotly Spiced after receiving a rejection letter from a publisher. She weaves wonderful stories in with gorgeous pictures and tempting recipes. We wound up craving these potato scallops.

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5. My Darling Lemon Thyme

Pumpkin cakes
Image: My Darling Lemon Thyme

The writer behind this beautiful blog is Emma, a trained chef who spent most of her time in the pastry section of restaurants, cafes and catering companies. When both she and her children were diagnosed with gluten and lactose intolerance, she had to completely change the way she cooked for her family. She decided to start her blog as a way to share her recipes and ideas about living gluten and lactose free. These pumpkin cakes have us tempted to skip dinner and head straight to dessert.

“My Darling Lemon Thyme is a place for me to share gluten-free, vegetarian recipes, stories, photographs and the occasional tip on organic vegetable gardening. The recipes found on my site reflect my philosophy that natural, whole food should be flavoursome, fun and easy to prepare. Food as it’s supposed to be eaten — fresh from the earth to the kitchen, seasonal, nourishing and delicious,” Emma says.

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