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How to have breakfast ready in a flash

Fancy a hearty weekend breakfast without the hassle? For those mornings when brekkie bars just don’t cut it, follow these quick recipes for a great start to the day!

plate of pancakes

Quick tips

1Make an easy sandwich or burrito:

Perfect to eat on the go, a sandwich or burrito is a portable and filling breakfast option. Scramble some eggs, fry some bacon and slap it all between a sliced English muffin or two tortillas. Throw it on the grill and add a sprinkling of cheese!

2Custom-make your oatmeal:

Layer fruit and nuts onto a bowl full of oatmeal for a hearty and healthy breakfast option. Add a few slices of banana, a couple of strawberries and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Pour in some milk and you have one very easy meal.

3Upgrade pancakes and waffles:

Garnish your pancakes or waffles with all the trimmings for a home-made touch. Try flavoured butters, coconut, cinnamon-sugar, honey, apple sauce, fruit jams, cocoa powder, sour cream, caviar or Grand Marnier flavoured whipped cream. Mix and match combinations to come up with your personal favourite. For a delicious waffle sandwich, spread peanut butter on a waffle then drizzle with honey and top with slices of banana.

Whip up an omelette:

Taking less than 10 minutes to cook, eggs are the ultimately ingredient for a fast breakfast. Whether scrambled, fried or boiled, eggs are both nutritious and tasty. Step it up a notch and transform them into a gourmet omelette with all the trimmings. Fill it with a range of savoury treats or add a variety of toppings, and an omelette can become a well-rounded meal. Add tasty tidbits like sautéed vegetables, chilli, cheese, meat or fruit. Serve with hash browns.

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