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How-to chill a soft drink in two minutes

There’s little more enjoyable on hot day than the satisfying taste of an ice-cold soft drink. But what happens when guests pop around unexpectedly, and you only have room temperature cans available? Read on for five super quick steps to chilling soft drink in two minutes flat. Your tastebuds — and your guests — will thank you for it!

woman sipping soda with a straw1Fill the bowl

Fill a large bowl with enough water to cover the cans, but make sure there’s enough room at the top of the bowl to fit ice.

2Add ice

Add ice to the water, ensuring that the bowl isn’t filled more than ¾ of the way.

3Mix in salt

Sprinkle some cheap salt into the bowl. You should roughly add about a tablespoon for a small bowl or ½ cup for an esky or very large bowl. The salt will help cool down the water as it will lower the freezing temperature.

4Stir it up

Combine all ingredients then add the cans of soft drink. Carefully stir the cans around about every 10 seconds for a period of two minutes. Be careful not to move them around too much or you’ll make the liquid fizzy!

5Rinse and drink

Take the cans out of the bowl after about two minutes and give them a quick rinse under the tap to clean off the salt.

Hot tip: Never let diet drinks get too hot

Diet soft drinks should never get too hot as aspartame [aka Nutrasweet] breaks down in the heat — which results in an awful, bitter taste. Don’t leave it anywhere where it may heat up to above 30 degrees Celsius, such as in the car, the garage or in the sunshine outside.

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