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Mind-blowing hack: How to peel an egg without touching it (VIDEO)

If you’re anything like me, you love boiled eggs despite them giving you bad breath. Because they’re such a good source of protein, I like to eat them in the morning. That way I start my day off full of energy, without feeling heavy.

Since I am always in a rush, the peeling process is my least favorite part. I never have enough time to let the egg actually cool after it’s been boiled, so I am usually burning my fingers. Even when I think I peeled off the entire shell, there are always little pieces left that end up in my mouth — not cool.

But now, this amazing man has shared his magic with the world (via YouTube), and I can eat my eggs without any hassle. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this in my life — so simple, so effective, so good! In a little over 25 seconds, this magician manages to peel an egg without even touching it! Take a look at the video to see how.

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