27 Recipes that make Valentine’s Day totally worth it

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day as an actual holiday, it’s a great excuse to make over-the-top breakfast in bed, ridiculously indulgent desserts and pink cocktails. Here are all the recipes that will make you wish Valentine’s Day happened every month.


1. Heart-shaped Nutella-strawberry French toast stacks recipe

heart-shaped nutella french toast

The ultimate breakfast in bed is anything that includes a healthy dose of Nutella.

2. Pretty-in-pink strawberry waffles recipe

pink strawberry waffles

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s OK to dye waffles pink. It’s practically required.

3. Triple-chocolate brownie waffles with red velvet ganache recipe

chocolate waffles

Make sure you eat these over-the-top chocolaty waffles in bed so you’re in the right place when the food coma hits.

4. Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese glaze recipe

red velvet pancakes

Red velvet had to make its way into breakfast too, right?

Edible valentines

5. Heart-shaped brownie treasure boxes recipe

heart-shaped brownie treasure boxes

Make everyone think you’re the queen of Pinterest with these totally edible valentines.

6. Fruit Roll-Ups fortune cookie valentines recipe

fortune cookie fruit roll ups valentines

You’ll win Valentine’s Day with these Fruit Roll-Ups fortune cookies.

Too-cute Valentine’s Day food crafts

7. Neon “LOVE” fudge recipe

neon striped love fudge

Literally spell out your love in neon fudge.

8. 3-D lovebird cookies recipe

3-D lovebird cookies

These lovebird cookies are such sweet tweets. (See what I did there?)

9. Valentine love bug snacks recipe

valentine love bug snacks

You can even get olives and tomatoes in on the Valentine’s Day action.

Heart-shaped treats

10. Brownie heart sandwiches with raspberry buttercream recipe

Brownie heart sandwiches with raspberry buttercream

Even if you’re not the queen of Pinterest, you can make these brownie sandwiches, I promise.

11. Heart-shaped brownies with salted caramel and pecans recipe

Heart-shaped brownies with salted caramel and pecans

Chewy homemade brownies and salted caramel? What’s everyone else having?

12. Easy heart-shaped napoleons recipe

Easy heart-shaped napoleons

Finally, a good reason to use that package of puff pastry that’s been sitting in your freezer since the holidays.

13. Heart-shaped s’mores pops recipe

heart-shaped smores pops

Someone should figure out how to make these s’mores giant sized, because I would require many of these in one sitting.

14. Funfetti conversation heart Rice Krispies Treats recipe

Funfetti conversation heart Rice Krispies

For that random box of conversation hearts that ended up in your candy drawer. (Doesn’t everyone have a candy drawer?)

15. Gluten-free soft frosted valentine sugar cookies recipe

Gluten-free soft frosted valentine sugar cookies

Image: Nicole Hunn

I don’t know a lot about gluten-free baking, but I do know these sugar cookies look delicious.

Decadent desserts

16. Easy, no-bake, red velvet cheesecake recipe

red velvet cheesecake

Easy and no-bake? Now you’re speaking my language.

17. Ancho chili-chocolate truffles with spicy cocoa powder recipe

ancho chili chocolate truffles

The perfect combination of sugar and spice.

18. Be-my-valentine mini cupcakes recipe

be my valentine cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting can be my valentine all day long.

19. White chocolate-stuffed red velvet monkey bread recipe

red velvet monkey bread

Your Valentine’s Day must include plenty of sprinkles.

20. Strawberry cake with brownie frosting and chocolate-covered strawberries recipe

strawberry brownie cake

If you think the outside of this cake looks good, wait until you slice into it. Hello, gorgeous!

21. Red hot cinnamon fudge recipe

red hot candy fudge

This fudge is too hot to handle.

22. Valentine’s Day petits fours recipe

valentine's day petit fours

When the cakes are this tiny, it’s OK to eat a dozen.

23. Red velvet cheesecake ball recipe

red velvet cheesecake ball

The lazy version of the cheesecake above. No crust required.

24. Sweet, spicy and salty chocolate-covered nibbles recipe

chocolate covered treats

Make it a chocolate-covered Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that the best kind?

25. Red velvet fondue recipe

red velvet fondue

Is there anything sexier than fondue?


26. Angel’s kiss cocktail recipe

valentine's day cocktail

It’s pretty, it’s pink, it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail.

27. Chocolate-cherry martini recipe

valentine's day chocolate martini

I would take a chocolate-covered cherry martini over a box of chocolates any day.

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