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12 Fifty Shades dishes to whip up at home

When most people talk about Fifty Shades of Grey, they talk about sex, sex and more sex. But what about food?

Eating is an inherently sexual act, and dining plays a big part in Ana and Christian’s courtship. Throughout the Fifty Shades trilogy, we see them sharing everything from elegant meals out to finger food in bed. Inspired by the foods mentioned in the decadent world of Fifty Shades, the list below is full of meals any romantic partner would be happy to share.


1. Stuffed grape leaves (dolmades) recipe

vegetarian stuffed grape leaves

Image: Tori Avey

This exotic finger food, stuffed with pine nuts, rice and aromatic herbs, is the perfect thing to feed your lover before a romantic meal, just like Christian did with Ana.

2. Raw oysters with lemon recipe

oysters with lemon granita

Image: Mark’s Daily Apple

Oysters are long rumored to be an aphrodisiac, and there’s no denying their sexual appearance. Here, lemon takes the form of a savory granita that livens up these iced shellfish, making this an extra-elegant appetizer.

3. Scallops and chorizo recipe

scallops and chorizo

Image: Nigella

Tender, succulent scallops and smoky, salty chorizo make a perfect pair in this dish that can be shared as an appetizer alongside some crusty bread or served as an entrée for one.


4. Seared Pacific cod, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and red potatoes recipe

seared cod

Image: Change the Word

Long spears of tender asparagus dipped into a luxurious hollandaise sauce — food doesn’t get much sexier than that. Paired with a seared filet of cod and sautéed potatoes, this decadent meal is just like the one Ana and Christian shared the night she signed his contract.

5. The ultimate beef Wellington recipe

beef wellington

Image: Food Network

This refined entrée was served for dinner at the Grey family house and will definitely impress any dinner guests you have coming over. Succulent beef tenderloin is wrapped in savory duxelles and prosciutto, then encased in buttery puff pastry, creating a meal masterpiece your partner won’t soon forget.

6. Pan-roasted duck breast with cherries recipe

roast duck with cherries

Image: Jennifer Silverberg via Feast Magazine

Tart cherries play beautifully off of game meat, like these perfectly pan-roasted duck breasts, which are just like the ones served at the Masquerade Ball in Fifty Shades Darker.

7. Roast partridge with cranberry and red wine gravy recipe

roasted partridge

Image: Waitrose

Why serve chicken when you could treat your lover to something a little more interesting? This partridge roasts up in no time and is accompanied by a rich, lively cranberry and red wine gravy.

8. Chicken chasseur

chicken chasseur

Image: What a Girl Eats

Chicken chasseur, or “hunter’s chicken,” is a French dish featuring chicken and mushrooms braised in a tomato and white wine sauce. This is hearty comfort food that will give you and your partner lots of fuel to do whatever it is you planned on doing after dinner, if you catch my drift.

9. Lamb with mint yogurt sauce recipe

lamb with mint yogurt sauce

Image: My Healthy Eating Habits

This Moroccan dish of lamb with a minty yogurt sauce is a great choice for a romantic meal. In Morocco, after all, they eat with their hands, which can be very sensual with a romantic partner.

Drinks and dessert

10. Strawberry mojito recipe

strawberry mojitos

Image: Will Cook for Smiles

Ana and her friend may have enjoyed strawberry mojitos in the books, so why can’t you? Strawberries add color and a touch of sweetness to this refreshing cocktail, the perfect drink after an evening of passion.

11. Lemon syllabub

lemon syllabub

Image: Southern Plate

This creamy, tangy dessert is a British classic. It may have been served at the Grey family’s fancy dinner, but it turns out this elegant recipe is actually very simple to make at home.

12. Apple tarte tatin recipe

apple tarte tatin

Image: Taste with the Eyes

There’s nothing like the burnished bronze of a perfectly caramelized apple tarte tatin fresh out of the oven. Impress your love with this timeless dessert, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand — maybe literally.

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