12 Recipes that prove seaweed is the new kale

Feb 19, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Seaweed needs to come into popularity. It's a green superfood we haven't shone the trendy light on, and it's past due. Discover how including seaweed in your recipes is more than just an Asian twist.

We've all had seaweed when it's wrapped around our sushi rolls, but it's time we come to terms with the reality: It's a superfood we should be buying more of, since it's packed with antioxidants, calcium and so many vitamins and nutrients. Divided into varieties (red, green, brown), the most popular ones are kelp, wakame and nori.

Normally what you eat wrapped in one or two sushi rolls won't pack you with tons of vitamins, but its main contribution to your body? Iodine! Not found in many vegetables, iodine is a supplement that regulates your thyroid gland — an uber-important gland that controls and produces the hormones in your body. So get to discovering the best seaweed recipes, and try adding seaweed to your recipes at home more often — it's really healthy!

1. Seaweed salad recipe

seaweed salad

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Perfect when served alongside grilled fish or even chicken, this seaweed salad is a basic yet delicious way to consume the green food.

2. Easy 15-minute miso soup recipe

miso soup

Image: Table for Two

Warm up during the end of winter with this easy 15-minute miso soup — perfect when you're short on time, and what big flavors!

3. Quinoa brunch bowl recipe

quinoa bowl

Image: I Am a Food Blog

We're loving bowls lately, and this quinoa brunch bowl is served with nori, the perfect accompaniment.

4. Seattle Asian salmon bowl recipe

salmon bowl

Image: Skinnytaste

Seattle Asian salmon bowl is dressed with strips of nori, making it a texture and flavor component.

5. Tuna tartare with nori chips recipe

nori chips

Image: Blogging Over Thyme

Who knew you could bake nori sheets and have crispy seaweed chips to make this tuna tartare with nori chips? Perfect party appetizer!

6. Local-style ahi poke recipe

ahi poke

Image: The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Travel all the way to Hawaii with just one bite of this recipe for local-style ahi poke.

7. Surfside salmon pasta salad recipe

salmon salad

Make a pasta salad healthier with the addition of thin nori strips like in this surfside salmon pasta salad.

8. Sesame and nori popcorn recipe

nori popcorn

Image: Grab a Plate

Grab a movie, a couch and this perfectly healthy snack recipe: sesame and nori popcorn.

9. Veggie sushi recipe

veggie sushi

We really couldn't leave out sushi when mentioning seaweed, but why not try this version of a veggie sushi?

10. Coriander and nori pesto soba with wok-seared greens recipe

green nori salad

Image: Eats Well with Others

How delicious does this gorgeous coriander and nori pesto soba with wok-seared greens look? Perfect to bring to the office for lunch.

11. Ahi and salmon sushi recipe


Two favorite fish to use in sushi, ahi and salmon make this ahi and salmon sushi a delicious treat you can make at home.

12. Jasmine brown rice and nori recipe

rice and nori

Image: Not Just Baked

If you're just as addicted to carbs as we are, then maybe try making the healthier carbs, like this recipe for jasmine brown rice and nori.

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