17 Decadent cheese and chocolate fondue recipes

“Fondue” is French for “melted” and one of the most decadent meals you can have.

Nothing is sexier than oozy, gooey, delicious fondue. Even better when you share with that special someone — or a group of close friends. It’s the perfect interactive meal to serve on special occasions. Whether cheesy or chocolate-filled, try your hand at fondue this year.


1. Spinach and artichoke fondue recipe

spinach fondue

Image: I Wash… You Dry

The classic combination of spinach and artichokes is seen in this awesome spinach and artichoke fondue.

2. Slow cooker goat cheese fondue recipe

goat fondue

Image: Pass the Sushi

Goat cheese gets its time to shine in the spotlight with this slow cooker goat cheese fondue.

3. Cheesy roasted jalapeño fondue recipe

jalapeño fondue

Image: Tori Avey

Adding peppers like jalapeños to this cheesy roasted jalapeño fondue makes for a great way to “spice” up your night.

4. Swiss cheese fondue recipe

swiss fondue

Swiss cheese fondue is the classic preparation, since Swiss cheese has such great flavor.

5. Spicy beer cheese fondue recipe

beer fondue

Image: Miss in the Kitchen

Adding beer not only adds flavor but gives a fondue such smooth texture, so make sure to whip up some of this spicy beer cheese fondue.

6. Cheesy pizza fondue recipe

pizza fondue

Liquid pizza? That’s what this cheesy pizza fondue basically is — and we’re in love.

7. Goat cheese fondue with fried sage recipe

goat cheese fondue

Image: How Sweet It Is

Another gorgeous fondue that showcases goat cheese, this goat cheese fondue with fried sage looks stark white and gorgeous with a touch of green from the fried sage.

8. Buffalo chicken fondue recipe

buffalo fondue

Image: Katie’s Cucina

If only we could redo our Super Bowl party and make this Buffalo chicken fondue. Bet our team would have had better luck.

9. White wine Swiss fondue recipe

wine fondue

Image: In Katrina’s Kitchen

White wine and Swiss cheese are a classic preparation. Try this white wine Swiss fondue tonight.

10. Cheesy pancetta fondue dip recipe

cheesy fondue

Image: Table for Two

This cheesy pancetta fondue dip is made in individual ramekins, perfect for those of us who don’t like sharing our cheese.

11. Irish cheddar fondue

Some Irish beer and a whole pound of cheddar mean this fondue will be over-the-top delicious.


12. Cabernet chocolate fondue recipe

cabernet chocolate fondue

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Cabernet chocolate fondue — probably the most romantic way to dip into chocolate heaven.

13. Red velvet fondue recipe

red velvet fondue

If you love red velvet desserts, then this red velvet fondue is just the thing for you.

14. Chocolate and honey fondue recipe

honey fondue

Image: The Kitchen Is My Playground

Adding honey to fondue adds a hint of natural sweetness to this chocolate and honey fondue recipe.

15. Spicy Mexican hot chocolate fondue recipe

mexican fondue

Image: Muy Bueno Cooking

A hint of spice and a traditional Mexican recipe make this spicy Mexican hot chocolate fondue a fun date night idea.

16. Slow cooker chocolate fondue recipe

slow cooker fondue

Image: Rachel Cooks

Making fondue in the slow cooker is genius. It keeps the fondue at the ideal temperature, so try this slow cooker chocolate fondue for when you’re hosting big parties.

17. Chocolate-peppermint fondue recipe

peppermint fondue

Image: Food Fanatic

The touch of peppermint in this chocolate-peppermint fondue makes for a great winter feel.

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