20 Hilarious Valentine’s Day baking fails that will have you giggling

There’s a ton of pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day, and these unfortunate cooks totally let it squash them.

It does suck going through all the work to create a masterpiece only to have it (sometimes literally) fall flat. We’ve all been there! But take solace in knowing you are not alone — just take a look at the Valentine’s Day cooking fails below.

1. Flowers gone wrong

poo rose cake

Image: Cake Wrecks

Flowers are easy, they said. She’ll like flowers on anything, they said. But I have a feeling this baker took “chocolate roses” to mean something else entirely

2. Bacon, my heart

bacon heart pinterestfail

Image: Kacy Blog

There’s no feeling that can compare to being betrayed by your one true love. Yes, I’m talking about you, bacon.

3. The sweet taste of failure

cinnamon roll heart fail

Image: Wendy Nielsen

TBH, these are technically a fail, but the end result still looks totally delicious to me.

4. Jello surprise

heart shaped jello fail

Image: Pinterest Fail

Talk about broken hearts. Judging by the brutal massacre of all those gelatin hearts, I’m guessing this chef wasn’t super excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.

5. What even…?

pinwheel cookie fail

Image: Pinterest Fail

These pinwheel cookies turned into pink cookie rings that look a lot like… well… I’ll leave it to your imagination.

6. T.G.F.S. (Thank God for sprinkles)

chocolate covered strawberry poo

Image: Pinterest Fail

These chocolate-covered strawberries were supposed to look like hearts. Instead they look like precious li’l nuggets of, well, poo. Replace the sprinkles with kernels of corn, and I think we’ve all seen this before.

7. Try, try again

It happens to the best of us, but we know it’s possible to make these look good. Unfortunately this attempt came out looking more like a broken tongue than a fortune cookie.

7. I like big buns and I cannot lie…

I’m going to be generous here and say the inspiration on this one was kind of a hot mess to begin with. Sprinkles truly can hide a multitude of sins, but in this case even that was too much to hope for. Maybe incorporate that blindfold you got for V-Day sexy times into your meal before serving this for dessert?

8. No more kisses

These are allegedly Rice Krispies Treats in the shape of chocolate kisses, but I think we can all agree that they are, 100 percent, baked potatoes, and no one is fooling anyone here.

9. Little Miss Piggy

bacon roses that look like pig snouts

Image: First We Feast

I think we can all agree that a good Valentine’s Day gift should have zero chance of implying that the recipient is hoglike in any way. These bacon roses, which look more like pig snouts than flowers, unfortunately do just that.

10. Hide it with frosting

chocolate strawberry cake fail

Image: Creative Home

Chocolate and strawberry is a classic Valentine’s Day flavor combo. Unfortunately this looks more like radioactive waste bubbling up from a pothole, but at least copious amounts of frosting, chocolate ganache and chocolate shards make it seem edible.

11. A heart too big

heart inside a cake fail

Image: Love Bake Create

This heart-inside-a-cake trick never seems to work out. The Valentine’s Day lesson? Stop spending so much time trying to disguise your love. It’ll probably just end up both burnt and raw, like this cake. (Wait, what was the lesson again?)

12. Say it with cake

please valentine cake

Image: Cake Wrecks

Begging for a date is never a good idea. Reinforcing your desperation with a bakery-decorated cake? Creepy enough to take this from Valentine’s Day to Halloween territory.

13. Just gross

gross valentine cake

Image: Cake Wrecks

This cake looks like it’s decorated with a pile of raw chopped beef and a few salmon fillets that a cat puked on. This one probably shouldn’t have left the bakery.

14. Just go there, already!

you rock my cake

Image: Cake Wrecks

We all know what this cake wanted to say. And if you’re going to take it this far, you might as well cross the line.

15. I see right through you

valentines day stained glass fail

Image: Pinterest Fail

These cookies look more like a windshield after a run-in with roadkill than an elegant stained glass window. Fingers crossed they taste at least as good as freshly “caught” raccoon!

16. It’s yogurt… I swear

These yogurt-covered strawberries may have looked good before someone apparently vomited them onto a baking sheet. Perhaps the recipient was a baby bird, in which case, I’m sure they were much appreciated.

17. Is it the strawberries?

dried strawberries fail

Image: Pinstrosity

I’m starting to think that using strawberries in your Valentine’s Day baking may just be a bad idea. These shriveled, burned, oozing berries are a far cry from the originals. They are, however, probably an accurate reflection of how your valentine’s heart will feel when they see the treat you made them.

18. These will melt your heart

A sweet gesture on Valentine’s Day can melt even the coldest heart. Unfortunately it looks like the giver of these treats misunderstood, melting the treats themselves instead of their paramour’s heart.

19. Again with the berries

Berries + white chocolate. Sounds tasty, right? Well, these might still taste OK, but they look more like a preschool craft project covered in paste than an elegant Valentine’s Day treat.

20. Say it with flowers

The good news is you can still tell these are cupcakes! The bad news is that they don’t look like flowers, and it kind of looks like there are bugs in the frosting.

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