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A Gift Idea for Every Foodie in Your Life

It’s hard to get a gift for the person who has everything, but it’s easy to buy for the person who eats everything. We love choosing gifts for our foodie friends because it’s the perfect time to splurge on the upgraded versions of everyday items we use while cooking and eating. We’re talking deluxe hot sauce, kitchen appliances that are actually pretty and, of course, some unique spirits. Take a look at our holiday gift guide for foodies below, then get ready to load your cart with presents.

Food glorious food

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

1. Truff

Heat-seekers and truffle-heads alike will go wild for Truff, a hot sauce made with ripe red chili peppers, real black truffle and organic agave nectar. Unlike similar products on the market, Truff doesn’t use synthetic truffle flavor (hence the slightly higher price point), which makes it a worthy holiday gift.

Truff Hot Sauce, $17.98 at Amazon

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

2. Nielsen-Massey holiday flavors bundle

For the friend or family member who loves to bake, nothing will light up their faces like opening a box to find Nielsen-Massey’s holiday baking bundle. This set includes bottles of their world-famous extracts, including a heady Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, cooling peppermint extract, and nutty almond extract. It’s everything their holiday baking dreams need to come true.

Nielsen-Massey holiday flavors bundle, $29.95 at Amazon

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Image: Fancy Sprinkles. Fancy Sprinkles

3. Neon Lights fancy vegan sprinkles

Finding vegan sprinkles that are actually cute can be kind of a nightmare, which is truly tragic for those egg- and dairy-free bakers who just want to make their treats as cute as possible. Luckily for them, Fancy Sprinkles exists. Choose from a selection of vibrant, unique sprinkle blends that will liven up every cookie and cupcake they touch.

Neon Lights fancy vegan sprinkles, $8 at Fancy Sprinkles

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Image: emBRAZEN. Embrazen

4. emBRAZEN wine trio

Good food calls for good wine, and we’re currently enamored with the emBRAZEN wine trio. Each wine is inspired by a female trailblazer, including Josephine Baker (entertainer, activist, spy), Nellie Bly (journalist, explorer, inventor) and Celia Cruz (the Queen of Salsa). The trio includes a drinkable red blend, a bold cabernet and a smooth chardonnay. Your feminist foodie friends will fall head over heels for this one (especially if they sample all three!).

Wine trio, $39 at emBRAZEN

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Image: Smith Tea. Smith Tea

5. Steven Smith Teamaker string-tie variety pack

If you have a friend who loves her Lipton but is looking to branch out into new realms of flavor, this variety pack from Smith Teas is a great choice. It includes blends like Lord Bergamot (a stronger, more aromatic version of the Earl Grey tea you may already know), Fez (a minty blend of green teas and lemon myrtle) and Meadow (a floral blend that includes chamomile, rose petals and linden flowers). It’s a far cry from the grocery store tea most of us grew up on.

Steven Smith Teamaker string-tie variety pack, $14.99 at Smith Tea

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Image: Total Wine. Total Wine

6. Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Ignore what you think you know about rum. Cruzan’s Black Strap Rum is unlike anything you have tasted before. It’s not a spiced rum, per se. It has warming notes of maple syrup, wood smoke and bacon. Your gift recipient will want to drizzle it on their pancakes in the morning and nurse a glass by the fireplace at night. Rum that’s perfect for drinking in the winter… who knew? Another bonus is that a portion of the proceeds of each purchase goes to the Island Spirit Fund, which focuses on rebuilding the island of St. Croix after the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Cruzan Black Strap Rum, $14.79 at Total Wine

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Image: Runamok Maple. Runamok Maple

7. Runamok maple-, cinnamon- & vanilla-infused organic maple syrup

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you’re still putting fake maple syrup on your pancakes, why even bother? If you know a friend who has never branched out from Mrs. Butterworth’s, rock their world with a maple so good they’ll never turn back to their corn-syrupy, faux-butter-flavored slop. Runamok Maple’s organic cinnamon- and vanilla-infused maple syrup from Vermont turns even frozen waffles into a delicacy. Use it to sweeten lattes, drizzle it over a cozy bowl of oatmeal or swirl it into Greek yogurt for a breakfast you’ll be excited to wake up to.

Maple-, cinnamon- & vanilla-infused organic maple syrup, $16.95 at Runamok Maple

In the kitchen

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Image: Amazon. Amazon

7. Krups electric coffee grinder

When you’re sleepy in the morning, is it really necessary to grind your own coffee beans? We say yes! Luckily, it’s super-easy when you’re gifted with the Krups electric coffee grinder. With the push of a button, it grinds your beans to the consistency of your choosing — the longer it grinds, the finer your coffee. You can also use it to grind spices — just whiz some breadcrumbs or salt in there in between to remove any lingering flavors.

Krups electric coffee grinder, $15.96 at Amazon

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Image: Walmart. Walmart

8. Pioneer Woman Instant Pot

Your foodie friends and fam probably already have Instant Pots, but for the holdouts, now is the time to splurge. But instead of opting for the boring silver model, why not treat them to this bright floral number, part of the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart? It has the same functionality as the classic model, but it’s adorned with coral-colored flowers and has lovely turquoise accents.

Pioneer Woman Instant Pot, $99 at Walmart

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Image: Piebox. Piebox

9. Piebox

A Piebox is exactly what it sounds like: a wooden box that helps safely transport pies from one location to another. The sturdy wood construction ensures your golden piecrust dome doesn’t get crushed in the car and your meringue has never been safer. You can also use it to transport cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Wooden pie carrier, $35 at Piebox

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Image: Food52. Food52

10. Chicwrap plastic wrap dispenser

If your foodie friend is constantly bringing home leftovers or experimenting with new dishes, they probably go through a lot of plastic wrap. But those flimsy cardboard containers aren’t just annoying, they’re ugly. Instead, gift them with a chic wooden box that makes the mundane task of preserving their food an act that has some style.

Chicwrap dispenser, starting at $25 at Food52


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Image: Amazon. Amazon

11. Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings: Hungry for More

Why would a foodie want a social media star/model’s cookbook? Teigen may not be a pro chef, but her Thai-influenced and comfort food-heavy recipes totally deliver on flavor and technique. Better yet, each recipe starts with a funny and relatable anecdote from the star that will make you wish she were there to enjoy her famous banana bread or everything bagel breakfast bake with you.

Cravings: Hungry for More, $17.99 at Amazon

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