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Satisfy a sweet tooth without the calories

We all need to satisfy our sweet cravings once in a while yet all the options seem to be so high in calories. Below are eight great ways to get your sweet fix and satisfy those cravings without blowing the diet.


Fruit is one of the healthiest ways you can grab some sugar but leave the calories behind. It is very high in natural sugars and full of nutrients, so is a great healthy option.

Low calorie hot chocolate

Sometimes, especially in winter, there is nothing better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate. It can make you feel warm and satisfied while giving you a sweet fix. As long as you stick to low calorie versions and mix the powder with water instead of milk, it won’t ruin your diet.


The traditional, two-finger KitKat bar is perfect as at only 106 calories, it will massage your sweet tooth but keep the weight off. You still feel like you are treating yourself to a chocolate bar but is a calorie steal compared to a Mars bar at nearly 300 calories.

Boiled sweets

Agreed, these are probably not the healthiest of snacks, but if all you need is a quick sugar fix, boiled sweets are perfect as they are so low in calories. At approximately 25 calories a piece, you can treat yourselves to a few without worrying about your weight.


Popcorn has long been a dieter’s staple sweet-tooth fix thanks to its low calories and great taste. If you want to be super healthy make your own and then sprinkle brown sugar or honey over it for a great homemade snack.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars are full of sugar which means that, although you cannot indulge in them too often, once in a while they are a great way to satisfy a craving. They also contain nutrients and fibre so are far better than sweets, which are full of empty calories. If you feel like being adventurous you could even make your own by combining brown sugar, honey, oats, raisins and butter and roasting the mix in the oven.

Plain yoghurt with honey

Many people forget about honey when they are hunting around for a sweet snack, but the truth is that it is one of the best foods to curb that craving. Adding it to plain yoghurt gives you a fabulously nutritious, but low in calorie, dessert or snack in minutes.

Dried fruit

A handful of dried fruit is very sweet but also natural and full of nutritional value, giving you the best of both worlds!

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