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9 Super-easy hacks to swap carbs for cauliflower (VIDEO)

The cauliflower trend is going strong, with all things carbohydrate-laden being remade with everyone’s new favorite vegetable. Surprisingly, as someone firmly in the “cauliflower should be seen and not eaten” camp, I have to say that these healthier alternatives look pretty tasty.


Replacing carbs with cauliflower in recipes might sound like a daunting task involving lots of conversions and magic, but it’s actually really easy. Plus, you get to eat gooey, melty grilled cheese sandwiches without feeling bad about it. Winner.

Watch the video for four super-simple ways to incorporate more cauliflower into your life. And if you really want to jump onto this cauliflower bandwagon, dive into these five delicious recipes below.

1. Cauliflower everything bagels

cauliflower bagels

That morning bagel just got healthier. Load it up with plenty of cream cheese, because you’ve got extra calories coming your way. (Isn’t that how it works?)

2. Cheesy pizza-flavored cauliflower breadsticks

cauliflower breadsticks

I’m betting nobody would suspect that there’s cauliflower under all that glorious cheese.

3. Grilled cheese sandwiches with cauliflower bread

cauliflower grilled cheese

Honestly, you could make me a grilled cheese with cardboard, and I’d probably eat it, but I’ll admit this cauliflower bread doesn’t look half bad.

4. Cauliflower-crust pizza

cauliflower crust pizza

I know the pizza purists will balk, but you have to admit that looks like a tasty pie.

5. Cauliflower burger buns

cauliflower buns

Burger buns for the gluten-free crowd. Plus, some vegetables surrounding your big, juicy burger couldn’t hurt.

More cauliflower recipes

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