18 Gluten-free snacks that don’t taste like cardboard

The only thing harder than figuring out dinner when you’re gluten-free? Snack time.

It’s not like you can just grab a bag of chips or make a plate of cheese and crackers. There aren’t a lot of ready-made snack options that are gluten-free, either — and most of the ones that are out there are super dense or crumbly.

These gluten-free snack recipes that prove just how tasty a gluten-free lifestyle can be, and you can make them right at home.

1. Peanut butter cookies

You’ll never miss the gluten in these peanut butter cookies.

2. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Pumpkin makes for a delicious treat all year long, and these muffins prove it.

3. Crunchy vanilla, chocolate and coconut cereal bars

Make a big batch of these cereal bars and enjoy a gluten-free snack all week long.

4. Chia seed pudding with apricots and almonds

A small bowl of this pudding is the perfect midday snack to keep you full until dinner.

5. Blueberry coconut bars

These chewy treats are bursting with fresh blueberries and just the right amount of sweetness. If you don’t feel like baking, you can find a pre-made bar like LUNA’s tasty Blueberry Bliss—and they make all their indulgent bars completely gluten-free.

6. Zucchini “fries”

If you get a craving for a salty snack between lunch and dinner, whip up a plate of these easy zucchini fries.

7. Coconut almond raisin cookies

These cookies will give you a taste of the tropics.

8. Anytime cereal bars

These versatile cereal bars are great for stashing in your purse or desk. Switch up the ingredients to make sure they include your favorite tastes.

9. Blueberry-yogurt pops

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a smoothie on a stick.

10. Peanut butter blondies

These thick and chewy peanut butter blondies are sure to hit the spot.

11. Fruit and nut clusters

This ooey-gooey treat has a little bit of everything.

12. Apricot spice squares

If you like the taste of ginger, these apricot squares are for you.

13. Sweet-n-salty clusters

Can’t decide between sweet and salty? This snack has both.

14. Pizza-flavored popcorn

Just a few simple seasonings make ordinary popcorn taste like pizza. You won’t believe it until you try it yourself.

15. Cinnamon graham crackers

Eat these crackers plain or with your favorite gluten-free dip or spread.

16. Oatmeal energy bars

Get a gluten-free pick-me-up with these energy bars.

17. Zucchini hummus with homemade peppered crackers

This hummus is smooth and refreshing, and the crackers are much better than anything you’ll find in a box.

18. Cherry-almond popcorn balls

These snacks take traditional popcorn balls to a whole new level with an adult twist.

This post was brought to you by LUNA Bar.

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