Drunken Oreos are here to change the way you party (VIDEO)

The only bad thing about these alcohol-filled Oreos is that they’re dangerously delicious.

A regular Oreo binge is bad enough (Hi there, blood sugar spike! Wait, leaving so soon?), but when the Oreo filling packs a high-proof punch, you’ve really gotta be careful.

But how do you make high-octane Oreos, anyway? It’s more than just swapping out your glass of milk for a glass of Baileys (although now that I think of it, that would probably be amazing), but thankfully it is pretty easy. All it takes is some Oreo-flavored Jell-O pudding mix, milk and 4 shots of the alcohol of your choice. Scrape the filling from your Oreos, replace with a dollop of pudding, and voilà!

You could choose from a variety of alcohols to make your cookies extra tasty. Try Chambord for a delicious raspberry-chocolate treat, Cointreau for orange, Kahlua to make mocha cookies or crème de menthe for chocolate mint. The possibilities are endless!

Which booze would you add to your adult Oreos?

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