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21 Mardi Gras-inspired recipes straight from NOLA

Celebrating Mardi Gras dates back all the way to medieval Europe in the 1700s and 1800s. Filled with culinary traditions, here are some of the best recipes to celebrate along with Louisiana!

Like any other carnival or celebration, Mardi Gras has specific recipes that are made around that time and only then. Some are inspired by the colors of the carnival, others are inspired by the cravings for cocktails at 11 a.m.

1. King’s Cup cocktail recipe

king's cup

Image: Baked Bree

King’s Cup cocktail is a blend of pineapple, coconut and lime with a splash of vodka — in this case, vanilla vodka — for a refreshing cocktail.

2. Ramos gin fizz recipe

gin fizz

Ramos gin fizz, a boozy cocktail that’s bound to entice your taste buds. The secret? Orange-flower water.

3. Hurricane cocktail recipe


Image: The View from Great Island

A twist on the classic Hurricane cocktail, this one is made with passion fruit, which we adore.

4. Cajun bloody mary recipe

bloody mary

Cajun bloody mary is a total favorite. Spicing up your classic bloody mary with Cajun spice definitely makes sense to us.

5. Honey Sazerac recipe

honey sazerac

Image: My Man’s Belly

We’re loving the addition of honey to this honey Sazerac. The balance of flavors is pristine.

6. New Orleans brandy milk punch recipe

milk punch

Image: Always Order Dessert

New Orleans brandy milk punch — the best bedtime cocktail we’ve ever tasted.

7. Sazerac cocktail recipe


Sazerac cocktail, a traditional cocktail that can’t be missed when visiting New Orleans.

8. Crawfish mac and cheese recipe

crawfish mac and cheese

This decadent crawfish mac and cheese is the way to get a taste of the Big Easy at home.

9. Shrimp and grits recipe

shrimp grits

Image: Kevin & Amanda

Nothing is more comforting than a bowl of creamy shrimp and grits.

10. Po’boy soup recipe

po boy soup

Turn a classic NOLA sandwich into this luscious po’boy soup.

11. Jambalaya recipe


Image: Gimme Some Oven

Make a big batch of this gorgeous jambalaya, and invite your friends to celebrate Mardi Gras at home.

12. Mini muffulettas recipe


Mini muffulettas are a fantastic party appetizer. Have a bite of NOLA!

13. Beer-battered catfish po’boys recipe

po boy

Image: Miss in the Kitchen

Take a bite out of one of these beer-battered catfish po’boys, and you’ll be instantly transported to a corner shop in NOLA.

14. Lobster étouffé recipe

lobster étouffée

Image: Foodie Crush

This lobster étouffé is a one-pot meal that’s done in under an hour, and it’ll impress your family and friends.

15. Spicy chorizo jambalaya with sweet potato rice recipe

chorizo jambalaya

We’re loving this gorgeously bright and spicy chorizo jambalaya with sweet potato rice.

16. Chicken and andouille sausage gumbo recipe


Image: Table for Two

The secret to this luscious chicken and andouille sausage gumbo is taking the time to make dark roux. Find out more in this recipe.

17. Vegan jambalaya recipe

vegan jambalaya

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Mardi Gras food. This vegan jambalaya is savory and delicious.

18. Biscuit beignets with praline sauce recipe


Image: Kevin & Amanda

OK, we are totally drooling over these biscuit beignets with praline sauce.

19. Pecan pralines recipe


Image: Stephie Cooks

New Orleans is all about sweet treats as well, and you need to taste these pecan pralines if you want to be transported to this colorful city.

20. Mardi Gras king cake recipe

king cake

Image: Spiced Blog

Mardi Gras king cake — the perfect way to sweeten any Mardi Gras party.

21. King cake-inspired boozy milkshake recipe


Slurp up this king cake-inspired boozy milkshake as the perfect dessert treat.

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