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15 Sultry steak recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day out isn’t just expensive — it’s a total pain. It’s so busy, “romantic” isn’t really the word you’d use. Instead, stay home and cook your dearest a sexier-than-hell steak dinner they’ll never forget.

1. Steak, spinach and mushroom crepes with balsamic glaze recipe

steak crepes

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Steak for dinner doesn’t have to mean a 10-ounce sirloin. You can keep it elegant and continental with this recipe for steak and vegetable crepes with balsamic glaze.

2. Steak au poivre recipe

steak au poivre

Image: Former Chef

There are few things sexier than a classic French preparation of steak cooked to the perfect tender pink. Steak au poivre is a beautifully traditional recipe that seems so much fancier when you’re eating it than it feels when you’re making it.

3. Blue cheese- and bacon-stuffed flank steak recipe

stuffed flank steak

Image: Nugget Markets

Most people think “romantic steak dinner” and see dollar signs, but with the right recipe, cheaper cuts like flank steak are just as special (and maybe twice as tasty). This stuffed flank steak from Nugget Markets will make your night one to remember for a fraction of the cash, but your cuddle-bug will never know you skimped on the price since you didn’t skimp on the flavor.

4. Venison bourguignon recipe

venison bourguignon

Image: The Cooking Bride

Can’t decide between Italian and steak? Try this venison bourguignon. We know venison isn’t actually beef, but a special day deserves a special meat, right? And of course, you can use chuck if you don’t have venison.

5. Steak tenderloin in a green peppercorn sauce recipe

green peppercorn steak

Image: Closet Cooking

This steak recipe rides the line between traditional and special, making it a great option for the steak purist you’re trying to get to branch out. The green peppercorns on this steak crust up nicely to contrast with the texture of the meat.

6. Thai steak salad with sweet and spicy tahini dressing
and sesame chili-lime cashews recipe

thai steak salad

Image: Half Baked Harvest

You don’t need to do a lot of work to make your romantic evening one to remember. Spice things up with this flavorful Thai steak salad that looks more complicated than it really is.

7. Pan-seared filet mignon with crabmeat cream sauce recipe

steak with crab meat

Image: The Cooking Bride

Surf and turf takes on a less diner-y persona with this elegant filet mignon topped with crabmeat cream sauce.

8. Mole-crusted fajitas with ancho-raisin sauce recipe

mole crusted fajitas

Image: The Meatwave

A great Valentine’s Day meal doesn’t have to mean meat and potatoes with a veggie. Instead, surprise your someone special with a special version of something more rustic, like these mole-crusted steak fajitas with ancho-raisin sauce.

9. Saikoro steak recipe

saikoro steak

Image: Just One Cookbook

This Japanese recipe for saikoro steak has an exotic look when plated, but it’s actually simple enough for a beginning cook.

10. Grilled New York steak with cherry port compote recipe

new york steak with cherry compote

Image: Spoon Fork Bacon

Don’t tell Cupid about this recipe — it might just put him out of a job! Steak with cherry port compote is special, it’s elegant, it’s inherently Valentine’s Day-themed (thank you, cherries), and best yet, it’s actually kind of embarrassingly easy.

11. Grilled portobello steak recipe

portobella steaks

Image: Spicie Foodie

If you’re trying to keep it healthy, you don’t have to break your diet to get a great Valentine’s Day dinner. These grilled portabello steaks are just as romantic as the carnivorous version but contain significantly fewer calories and fat, meaning you can indulge in one extra glass of wine (and maybe a couple of chocolates) on your special night.

12. Coffee-crusted steak recipe

coffee crusted steak

Image: Kevin & Amanda

If you need to keep your lover up all night long, maybe you should consider this coffee-crusted steak.

13. Tequila lime skirt steak recipe

tequila lime steak

Image: The Cooking Bride

Another less expensive recipe, this tequila lime skirt steak is also versatile. Serve it up with corn or flour tortillas for a more casual meal, or lay it out in beautiful strips over rice with a simple veg.

14. Negimaki recipe


Image: The Meatwave

Wanna feed your beloved steak by the bite? Don’t wait until you get to the chocolate-covered strawberries. Serve negimaki — grilled steak rolls stuffed with scallions.

15. Steak with roasted cherry and walnut compound butter recipe

steak with compound butter

There’s just something sexy about butter melting down a perfectly cooked steak, isn’t there?

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