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8 Fancy foods that will class up your Super Bowl party

This year, celebrate the Super Bowl Iggy Azalea style and get “Fancy.” In the world of tailgating parties where chips, nuts and pizza are the usual fare, this year you can mix things up! If you are looking for more sophisticated ideas, check out these simple recipes and suggestions that are easy to prepare and wonderfully delicious.


Moroccan meatball sliders

t Give your sliders a makeover and check out this recipe for Moroccan meatball sliders. The beauty of this dish is the combination of Sabra hummus, tandoori spice and minced cilantro that really gives it a Mediterranean feel. The topper, a Greek yogurt onion dip as an alternative to cheese. Mouthwatering!


Image: Sabra

Ravioli and marinara

t If you’re looking for gourmet food items to present, mozzarella sticks are out of the question. Instead, try Three Bridges’ crispy Italian sausage ravioli with heirloom marinara recipe for a delicious and unique addition to your Super Bowl party snack table. Natural ravioli that’s infused with fresh ingredients and easy to prepare make this a winning game day option!


Image: Three Bridges

Crunchy chickpeas

t Impress your guests and their taste buds with crunchy chickpeas from Saffron Road. Not only are they the perfect alternative to nuts or trail mix, but they come in five different flavors. One serving (1/4 cup) boasts 5 grams of protein, and they are made with organic chickpeas that are non-GMO project verified. I love mixing three flavors into one bowl. My winning combo: Bombay Spice, Falafel and Wasabi.


t Image:

Honey smoked BBQ bars

t Give your guests something a bit less salty and a lot more healthy by swapping out BBQ chips for the Strong & Kind Honey Smoked BBQ bars at your next party. I love cutting them up and serving them on a dish, and they pair very nicely with cheese. Not only are they made with wholesome ingredients like almonds, seeds and legumes, but they are also a good source of protein. Score!


Image: KIND Snacks

Thai baked chili wings


t Wings are a part of any tailgating party and this year, spice them up Sriracha style! I love this recipe for Lee Kum Kee Thai sweet chili wings. Not only are they easy to prep but they bake in 20 minutes.


Image: Lee Kum Kee

Santa Fe salsa snacks

t Spice up your Super Bowl Sunday with a snack that won’t derail your waistline. Santa Fe salsa somersaults are a sunflower seed-based snack baked with toasted grains, packed with seeds, whole-grains, spice and a crunch that will satisfy.



Chocolate mousse

t If you are a chocoholic and looking to indulge your guests in a good-for-you treat, check out the raw chocolate mousse from Urban Remedy. With wholesome ingredients like almond milk, dates, agave and vanilla, this dessert will be sure to satisfy.


t Image: Urban Remedy


t Just because you are the hostess doesn’t mean that you should spend your time in the kitchen vs. rooting for your team on Super Bowl Sunday! The chicken and cilantro mini-wontons from Bibigo are a favorite go-to of mine. Not only are they easy to make, they are also made with fresh ingredients and are an easy addition to mixed greens. Filled with a mixture of vegetables, meat and no artificial flavors, they are perfect for entertaining. I also love the chicken and vegetable variety.


Image: Bibigo

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