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Genius cooking hack: Make hard taco shells without a deep fryer (VIDEO)

The deep fryer is my nemesis. It’s the reason I hit the drive-thru for greasy french fries, it’s the reason I never make tempura, and it’s the reason I buy taco shells.


Hands down, the worst part about taco night is those shells. With the premade version, half of them are broken, and they’re usually stale. And if you make your own, it’s oil spatter in your eyes and on any bits of uncovered skin, even though you’ve wrapped your frying arm up in a dish towel and secured it with rubber bands. (Is that just me?)

Good news — you can put away the safety goggles and pour out the oil. You’ll never deep-fry another tortilla. This taco shell hack will make things so easy, every day of the week might be Taco Tuesday. There are worse things that could happen, right?

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