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Reddit Husband of the Year cooks wife 8-course dinner for her birthday

To borrow from the classic lyrics of Sir Mix-A-Lot: Don’t you wish your husband was swass like this? I mean, c’mon… an eight-course home-cooked meal, focused (at her request) on scallops? That’s what Redditor brouwerijchugach did for his wife’s birthday. Husband of the Year over here.

You’ve got to hand it to him. He used multiple cooking techniques, had beer and wine pairings, homemade bread and two (you heard me right — two!) kinds of cake. It probably took all day, and it probably cost some money. But it got him approximately nine gazillion good-husband points, to be used over his lifetime. That’s right, lifetime. You cook me a meal like that, and you’re allowed to exploit it whenever you want. “Hey honey, remember when I made you that eight-course meal seven years ago…? Can I buy a sports car?” “Of course, dear! Whatever you want. [swoon]”

Redditors came out en masse to comment on this glorious undertaking. They ranged from jealous to impressed to annoyed.

There were those keeping the wife’s best interests in mind:

“Happy Birthday, I made you this nice meal, now hold on while I take photos for the internet peoples.” Pics, or it didn’t happen.

“I want to see the pile of dishes she had to wash after.” To be fair, if dude cooks this kind of meal, he can probably manage the dishes too.

There were those lamenting their own substandard meals:

“Well, my husband made macaroni and cheese soup. …He added everything to the boiling water.” Is mac and cheese soup a fancy name for undrained mac and cheese?

“I microwaved corn and added celery salt to it. the celery salt makes it ~fancy~” Indeed.

“Brb microwaving a hot pocket.” Mmm… hot pocket.

There were those who could only the see dolla dolla bills:

“Anytime I see a food with ‘reduction’ in it, I don’t know what it is but I know it’s fancy.” Reduction = tasty sauce.

“What I’m seeing is I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich, also maybe French.” That’s logical.

There were some nitpickers:

“Bro, the napkin should be under the knife next time…” Jeez, give a guy a break.

“Shouldn’t the knives blades be facing inward towards the plates?” There were knives?

And there were the hopeful:

“Willing to sign up for sister wife role.” Will work for food?

“Congrats on the sex I hope!” Probably.

“When I make my girlfriend multi-course meals she just watches Netflix and falls asleep. Hope your wife’s response was better!” Well, you get full, you know?

So, what do you think? Husband of the Year, or show off?

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